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How to find delivery standards to an international destination

To calculate the estimated delivery standard to an international destination, follow the steps below.

1. Find the processing facilities for international destinations and add the extra business days

On the Processing facilities to international destinations (with added business days) by service page, use the table corresponding to the service you’re using (for example, Xpresspost™ – International) to determine to which of the 3 processing facilities (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver) the shipment will be sent based on your originating Forward Sortation Area (FSA).

Remember the number of extra business days so you can add it to the delivery standard.

If your FSA 1 is between P0V and T9X, X0B and X0G, or Y0A and Y0B you must use the instructions in the Delivery standards by service - Parcels (Canada) page to find the domestic Xpresspost standard between your FSA and the forward processing facility identified.

2. Find the delivery standard to the international destination

On the Delivery standards to international destinations page, use the table corresponding to the service you’re using (for example, Xpresspost – International) and the processing facility you determined in Step 1 to determine the applicable delivery standard.

3. Calculate your delivery standard

Add the number of extra business days (found in Step 1) to the delivery standard (found in Step 2).

  • Return to footnote 1 Please verify that your complete postal code doesn’t appear elsewhere in the transit time table.

Please note:

These calculations are for estimation purposes only. Our shipping systems and tools will present updated delivery standards when you provide a destination postal code. We’ll provide the standards that apply to the On-Time Delivery Guarantee when we accept the item.