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How does the appeal process work?

The ombudsman is the final appeal authority for postal service complaints.


Start with Canada Post

Canada Post must have investigated and closed your ticket before we can treat an appeal. Contact customer service if you don’t have a service ticket number.


Submit your appeal

You can use our online form, or fax or mail a paper appeal form. You need to include all relevant documentation, like receipts, and be able to upload them.


We’ll keep you updated

We'll follow up within 5-10 business days to confirm the course of action in your case.


We’ll investigate the issue

We’re independent of Canada Post and use a fact-based process to assess whether it reasonably applied its policies and procedures in the handling of your complaint.

What does the ombudsman do?

Our office investigates complaints that haven't been solved by Canada Post to your satisfaction. We will investigate your issue independently in an impartial and confidential manner.

Issues we investigate can include unfair handling, unreasonable delays or failure to follow proper procedures. We clarify and confirm the facts, assemble evidence to make fair and equitable recommendations.

Read our mandate (PDF)

Check appeal status

If you have already filed an appeal, you can check its status using the form below.

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