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AddressComplete Set Up Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting up AddressComplete. It also provides tips for best results and advanced options.

Prerequisite: You’ll need to know how to access to the source code for your website and have permission to change it.

Setting up AddressComplete

  1. From the AddressComplete website, select Start Your Free Trial.
    If you already have an account you can sign in here and select the Create New Installation button to start a fresh installation.

  1. Enter the URL of the web page on which you want to set up AddressComplete.
    Tip: If your page uses SSL, make sure you select https from the drop-down menu.

  1. Copy the code snippet provided into the source code of your web page.
    Important: Paste the code into the head of your page.
    Note: If you would like AddressComplete to be available in a separate text box to your address fields, you will need to add an extra field to your form, and set the placeholder text for that field.

  1. Once you’ve saved the changes to your website, select I’ve pasted and uploaded mycode.
  1. AddressComplete will check your web page and make sure you’ve copied the code properly. A verification code will appear on the screen. Make note of it as you may be asked for this later.
    Note: If your page is behind a login page we won’t be able to verify your code, but you can still proceed.

  1. From a web browser, open your web page. (If it’s already open, you may need to refresh the page).

  1. Start entering an address. You should see AddressComplete predicting addresses as you type. If you do, then your installation was successful. You’re done!
    Note: If you would like AddressComplete to be available in a separate text box to your address fields, map your extra field to the ‘Search Input’ field.

    Advanced: To set a field to populate with results, but not trigger a search, uncheck the ‘Search’ option in the extra settings menu. This is useful if you want AddressComplete to appear in a separate search field.

    To add the Multi-unit and/or the Business/Residential flags, click on ‘Add new field’. Select your field you want and enter manually the mapping.
    Note: in order to add new mappings successfully, you will need to add the curly braces around the field name.

  1. Once you have finished mapping AddressComplete fields with the fields on your form, select Done and refresh your page to complete the installation.

If the installation is still not working, go to your dashboard and select your installation.

You’ll be able to access the settings page for your installation:

Select the Advanced tab and turn on Setup Mode. Again, take a note of the verification code.

We recommend that you configure the following settings:

  • Name
    Give the installation a name that will help you and anyone else who may use your account easily identify where it is being used.
  • Daily limit
    Each installation can be limited to only allow a certain number of lookups in a day, up to a maximum spend limit. If you have an idea of how much this installation will be used in a day, you can use this setting to ensure it doesn’t get overused.
  • Valid URLs
    To stop anyone else from being able to use your installation on another website, you should restrict it to your own website by entering any URL used to access your website in the appropriate box. These can be as specific as required, e.g.,
  • IP limiter
    The look-up limit can be further restricted by limiting the number of lookups available from any given IP address each day. You can also enter exceptions to this rule that will not be restricted, for example your office IP address can be excluded from the IP limiter.
    Note that while a lot of visitors to your site may have a unique IP address, some users may use an IP address previously assigned to another visitor. This can be the case for users of certain ISPs, but more often for business users where internet traffic is channelled through a single connection.

Top tips for a successful integration

  • Install AddressComplete as a new field rather than integrating it into your existing form fields; it’s easier for users to understand and use.
  • Put the country drop-down list of your address form at the bottom of your address fields, rather than at the top. This way AddressComplete can populate the country automatically and will ensure users do not have to select the country twice.
  • Ensure you have sized your address fields appropriately for the information that will be entered into them.
  • Consider regional differences in address layout and naming conventions if you deal with international customers.
  • If you provide billing and shipping addresses separately make sure you integrate AddressComplete into both.