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AddressComplete Basics

Q. Why use AddressComplete?

A. Using AddressComplete to validate and capture address details has three main advantages.

  • Firstly, it significantly speeds up the process of entering addresses for your customers because it cuts keystrokes by around 80%.
  • Secondly, it ensures that addresses in your database are in a standardized, consistent format, reducing the likelihood of duplicates.
  • Thirdly, it populates your database with accurate addresses, so your deliveries and invoices will arrive at the right place.

Q. What benefits does international addressing provide?

A. As well as validating overseas addresses, AddressComplete allows you to choose the language and format for the country in question, e.g. Cyrillic script. This means that any mailings sent to foreign addresses will be in the appropriate format and language, reducing the likelihood of misspellings or causing offence.

Q. My account credentials are visible in my website source code. Is this safe?

A. Your account details can be restricted to your specific URL. This means that even with code types where your details are visible, they are still safe and secure. Anyone attempting to use them from another site would have their requests rejected and you'd be alerted via email.

Q. Do you provide development accounts to allow me to test my integration?

A. Yes we do, although we can't provide unrestricted development accounts under the terms of our agreement with our data providers. However, within reason, we can provide you with free test credit for development purposes.