NCOA Mover Data Service

Stay in touch with your customers after they move by keeping their addresses up-to-date.

NCOA Mover Data Service

Stay in touch with your customers after they move by keeping their addresses up-to-date.  

Close to 4 million Canadians move every year – making it a challenge to keep in touch with your existing customers. Our National Change of Address (NCOA™) Mover Data service helps your business:

  • Increase customers' lifetime value;
  • Gain better business intelligence;
  • Improve return on investment by ensuring you stay connected to your customers.

Clean your data and obtain new address information with Canada’s most comprehensive, up-to-date source of mover information.

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Keep in touch with customers after they move.

To clean your data, all parties must agree to the NCOA Mover Data Terms of Use.

To agree to the NCOA Terms of Use or to review your existing terms, sign in now or sign up to create a profile.


Why clean your customer address data with NCOA Mover Data service?

  • Increase customer lifetime value: Don’t lose touch with customers when they move. Update your database with their new address.
  • Gain business intelligence from your data: Current and accurate address information enables better customer profiling and insights.
  • Improve the return on investment of your mailing: Don’t waste money on undeliverable and returned mail. Get your message into your customers’ hands.

How it works

Understanding the program

Canada Post licenses the NCOA Mover Data to approved Service Bureaus who in turn offer you software and/or professional services. Mover Data Services form a privacy compliant database that contains millions of mover records.

You can apply updates to your data in one of two ways (see Terms of Use for full details):

  • If you hold an existing relationship with a customer, you can update your customer records with the new address information.
  • If you are preparing a mailing, you can perform a one-time update of your mailing list with the new address information.

The NCOA Mover Data service cannot be used to create or supplement mover campaigns. Learn more about our Smartmoves offerings should you wish to promote your business to movers.

Looking for an NCOA Mover Data provider?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the NCOA Mover Data service work?

Canada Post licenses the NCOA Mover Data to Service Bureaus who have developed matching software based on defined Canada Post requirements. This software identifies movers in your customer databases or mailing lists, using a combination of names and addresses. To identify a match, the software must recognize your customer’s first and last name against the NCOA database’s first and last name and old address on file.

You can cleanse customer records via software-as-a-service or professional services, depending on your NCOA provider’s offering.

How can I use the NCOA data to cleanse my data?

You can apply NCOA Mover Data to your data in one of two ways:

If you... Then...
... are preparing a mailing and do not have an existing business relationship with a customer... ... you can update your mailing list with the new address information. You cannot keep the Mover Data on file and must re-process your mailing list against NCOA Mover Data services for any subsequent mailing.
... have an existing relationship with a customer... ... you can update your customer records with the new address information. When a new address is provided, Terms of Use also allow you to contact the customer to confirm the new address information.
What’s an existing relationship?

A Business Relationship exists between a mover and an organization when an individual or business has:

  1. made a purchase or donation, rented, leased, contracted, or participated in an organization’s provision of products or services within the past 24 months;
  2. OR
  3. requested information or made an inquiry within the last 6 months.

If such purchase, donation, rent, lease or contract for the provisions of products and services involves ongoing use or transactions under a subscription, account, loan or similar relationship, the 24-month period starts on the day the relationship terminates.

What can I not do with the data?

You cannot use the NCOA data:

  • To enhance a database by adding the names and addresses of potential (as opposed to existing) customers.
  • To create movers’ lists or other sub-lists to target certain individuals or groups.
  • To update rental lists where no relationship exists with individuals on file.
  • To update financial databases or registries such as to update credit bureau information or to assist in credit reporting or collection activities or shared in any manner whatsoever.
  • To verify mover information manually, such as “skip tracing” or to correct returned mail on a “one by one” basis.
  • To conduct any statistical activities or to analyze mover patterns within Canada.
  • For any purposes other than correcting mailing lists and developing and/or maintaining matching software applications for use with the NCOA database as permitted under license.
How do I begin processing NCOA Mover Data?

Prior to processing NCOA data, all receiving parties must agree to NCOA Terms of Use, which ensure that each party handling the data understands how NCOA Mover Data can, and cannot, be used. Once you agree to the Terms of Use, you will receive a Terms of Use ID. Provide this ID to your NCOA Provider, and upon validation of your ID, they can begin processing your data. Under no circumstance can data be processed prior to submitting a valid ID. For this reason, be sure to agree to Terms of Use well beyond a scheduled data job. The Terms of Use must be renewed annually to keep your ID active.

Important note: Company and contact information collected as part of this process will remain strictly anonymous. Canada Post will never disclose company or contact information.

How many years are included in the NCOA Mover Data Service?

The NCOA Mover Data database contains over 11 million mover records with 6 years of history.

Additional questions?

For additional questions or support, please contact your NCOA Provider or email