The Domino Effect of a Failed Delivery

One of the most important factors of customer satisfaction is on-time delivery. Failed deliveries can have a major negative impact on your business. Learn more about how poor data quality can impact on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction.

The Domino Effect of a Failed Delivery

One of the most expensive mistakes for an online retailer is a failed delivery. A failed delivery can negatively impact your bottom line and your brand’s reputation. Research shows that 1 in 20 online orders never arrive at their intended destination. Many of these retailers also don’t yet have the technology in place to correct this issue.
When a customer’s online order fails to arrive at their house, a domino effect of negative consequences occurs. Let’s review the impact of a failed delivery on your business.

Poor Customer Experience & Lost Loyalty

Not receiving an order is a negative customer experience. No matter how big or small your customer’s purchase, they will expect a box on their doorstep and will likely spend time tracking their package down. They will be less likely to order from your business again and may not recommend your brand to friends and family. In fact, 69 percent of customers are unlikely to shop with an online business again if their delivery is 2 or more days late. And 16 percent will stop shopping with a business altogether if they receive an incorrect delivery. With statistics like these, it’s plain to see why address verification is so important.

Reduced Revenue

Correcting a delivery mistake is expensive — it costs approximately $54. It often involves a refund, discount and additional and unexpected delivery costs. Combined with potentially lost customers, your revenue will take a hit.

Negative Brand Reputation

One customer’s bad experience can snowball into an overall negative reputation for your brand. About 40 percent of shoppers will leave a negative review on social media after a failed delivery, and 56 percent of shoppers make their purchasing decisions based on reviews.

When it comes to e-commerce, brand reputation is everything make sure you delight your customers at every turn with correct address data. Address verification technology, such as AddressComplete will help you improve your customer experience, improve revenue and boost your brand’s reputation. Capture the right address every time. Try Canada Post’s Address verification Technology.