How to make your website Canada-friendly - Infographic

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Canadians are discerning online shoppers with high expectations. These expectations have been set by the excellent online shopping experiences they’ve had with national and international brands.

When it comes to business growth in Canada, understanding how to meet – and exceed – the expectations of Canadian customers will go a long way to boosting your bottom line.

Here are some tips on how you can get more Canadian customers to complete the checkout process.

Infographic: 6 tips to optimize your website for Canadian customers. 1. Show prices in CAD With the Canadian dollar valued at less than the U.S. dollar, Canadians are interested in seeing how much something really costs. So, show your prices in the currency they use. 2. Offer clear delivery and shipping details. 37% of shoppers will avoid a retailer that doesn’t provide expected delivery dates. With that in mind, drive conversions and loyalty by providing realistic, clear delivery information before purchase. 3. Display taxes and duties upfront. 34% of Canadian online shoppers purchasing from the U.S. are more likely to complete their purchase when they see shipping costs upfront at checkout, and 66% of Canadians will abandon their cart if that information isn’t shown. 4. Offer tracking details. 39% of Canadian shoppers avoid retailers that don’t provide easy package tracking. 5. Make returns easy. 58% of Canadian online shoppers would avoid an e-retailer if the returns process is a hassle. Moreover, 47% of Canadian online shoppers would avoid an e-retailer if they lack flexible return options (e.g. in-store, by mail/courier). Finally, virtually half of Canadian shoppers would avoid an e-retailer if their return policy is unclear or difficult. Solution? Improve your returns experience to increase the likelihood of sales. 6. Localize your checkout experience. Quebecers want to buy from you too, but your English-only website makes doing so difficult. Translating every word of copy on your website is an expensive proposition, but translating your forms, return policy, and other strategic elements can prove lucrative. With those specific translations addressed, you might find that your product will do the rest of the heavy lifting. For more information on enhancing the cross-border shopping experience, download our report at

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