Mia Bijoux turns to Canada Post carbon-neutral shipping to deliver a sustainable future

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Founded in 2011, Mia Bijoux creates beautiful and sustainable jewelry that is also safe for the skin. Free of toxic materials, the Quebec-based brand’s creations use the softest, most hypoallergenic materials possible, including pioneering the use of stainless steel and lab-grown diamonds in high-quality women’s jewelry.

In Canada, jewelry is a $3.6 billion industry, one where shoppers were traditionally more attuned to eye-popping price tags than to what it took to bring these stunning pieces to market. All that has changed, however. Today’s shoppers are placing higher demands on the industry, pressing it to improve ethical practices and, particularly, lighten its environmental footprint.

A Mia Bijoux employee places items into branded, mint green packets.

Keeping sustainability front of mind

Mia Bijoux does business differently, focusing on sustainable products, processes and solutions, as well as community support, all targeted at the conscious consumer.

If we can rethink something from an environmental accountability perspective, without compromising the quality of our product, we do. We always have that in mind.

Mélissa Robert

Director, Marketing and Ecommerce,

Mia Bijoux

With Canada Post, all ground services are shipped carbon neutral.
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Largely, the company attracts professional women, but among that cohort is a new generation of younger shoppers, Gen Z and Millennials. This new wave is attracted to the brand’s environmental and social sustainability efforts that drive every aspect of the operation.

“It is difficult to stand out in the jewelry industry right now. There are so many players. You need to use strategies that will connect with Gen Z and younger Millennials as they are the new consumers. If you don’t, they’ll shop elsewhere – the choice is wide – and your market share will just fade.” Robert said.

Chief among Mia Bijoux’s differentiators is offering its customers the option for their orders delivered as carbon-neutral – an offering Canada Post is proud to support.

Walking the walk with a lighter footprint

Beginning in 2023, all the company’s ground deliveries made with Canada Post are carbon-neutral.

This involves calculating the carbon dioxide emissions associated with each shipment. In the calculation, the company factors in the distance travelled, the type of transport and the weight of the package. The sum of the emissions generated by each shipment is offset by supporting projects that lower or sequester carbon. These projects can include protecting forests from logging, conserving and growing existing carbon stocks and reducing emissions caused by harvesting, road building and other forestry operations.

In April 2023, Canada Post introduced carbon-neutral shipping where all domestic Regular Parcel and Expedited Parcel™ shipments, are delivered as carbon-neutral.

Canada Post delivers all of Mia Bijoux’s small packets and offsets the carbon emissions of all its domestic ground shipments. Mia Bijoux embraced this option as soon as it was available, timing the announcement to coincide with Earth Day. Its homepage specifies, “FREE & CARBON NEUTRAL SHIPPING and explains how that works.

“We’re delighted that our partner is making sure that deliveries are carbon-neutral,” Robert said. “This innovative solution is a tangible way for us to show our commitment to the planet’s well-being. We’re always going to choose partners whose services line up with the kind of customer experience we want to provide.”

Working with a trusted partner

Mia Bijoux continues to eye a more sustainable future for its ecommerce and delivery operations, with Canada Post as its partner in many of its plans.

Previously, Mia Bijoux extended eco-friendly packaging choices to customers, including the use of reusable and biodegradable shipping envelopes. Those proved popular. But carbon-neutral shipping was an exciting step up.

“This solution has enabled us to position ourselves among the first companies in the jewellery industry to have carbon-neutral shipping,” Robert said.

Moving forward, the company looks to continue innovating ways of reducing its impact – and values having Canada Post at its side.

“Customers are unforgiving,” Robert said. “From their perspective, Mia Bijoux is solely responsible for the environmental footprint, on-time delivery, parcel security and so on. It’s important not to have any weak links between when the item is ordered to when the customer receives it.”

Delivering sustainable business solutions

Canada Post can support your sustainability objectives with solutions, tools and resources to meet expectations of environmentally conscious consumers.

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