Shoppers to watch: Three key online shopper profiles

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Do you know who’s buying online in Canada? Retailers know all too well that online shoppers in this country are complex and increasingly hard to define. To better understand who they are and what they want, you need to look beyond traditional demographics and purchase frequency. Through our exclusive research, we’ve lifted the veil on three key shoppers. Keep your eye on:

  • The Eco-shopper: This shopper is motivated by the health of the planet. They make conscious choices to reduce their environmental footprint and expect retailers to do the same.
  • The Gen Z shopper: The first truly digital generation; this shopper, born between 1995 and 2000, behaves differently from all other shoppers. Learn what sets these young customers apart.
  • The HYPER+ shopper: HYPER+ shoppers, who make over 25 purchases a year, are your new best friend. They account for the lion’s share of online purchases in Canada. Find out what they want most from their shopping experiences and win their dollars.

Learn more about these key online shoppers:

Eco-shopper profile

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Gen Z shopper profile

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HYPER+ shopper profile

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