Infographic – The top 10 priorities among Canada’s fastest growing e-commerce retailers

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Ready to grow your e-commerce business but not sure how to make it happen? When in doubt, learn from example.

If you want to be an e-commerce leader, you need to think like one. Discover how Canada’s fastest growing e-retailers are thriving by adapting to the evolving behaviour and preferences of online shoppers to better meet their expectations. Our infographic outlines the top 10 priorities for Canadian e-commerce leaders. Use it to determine what your company should focus on in the coming year and beyond.

Infographic: The top 10 priorities  among Canada's  fastest growing e-commerce retailers. In 2019, we asked the fastest growing e-commerce retailers what their priorities were for the year to come. These priorities are part of maximizing your e-commerce strategy – and have become even more important in today’s landscape. From insights gleaned from 1,556 Canadian online merchants (Source #1) and 5,000 e-shoppers in 2019. (Source #2) E-shopper behaviours and preferences to keep in mind. 90 % Acquiring new customers. 45% will visit a retailer website/app after receiving a mail ad. 56% Increasing sales from customers. 71% will shop more often from retailers who tailor rewards and discounts to them. 54% Optomizing online checkout.  67% said they will abandon their cart when there's no free shipping. 48% Improving mobile experience.  60% browse online for items using their smartphones. 47% Environmental stewardship. 41% will shop more often with retailers who support an environmental cause. 47% Expanding sales beyong borders. 27.5% of e-commerce purchases were made from across the Canadian border in 2019 (Source #3). 45% Reducing packages. 69% say it upsets them when retailers use excessive or unnecessary packaging to ship items. 43% Upgrading e-commerce platform. 32% say they plan to buy more in the upcoming year. 39% Optimizing fulfilment.  39% will avoid future purchases with a retailer due to lengthy order processing times. 33% Improving the e-commerce returns experience.  79% will stop shopping from a retailer after a bad returns experience. Proven Solutions: Marketing: Find ways to reach new Canadian customers or connect with existing ones. E-commerce: Explore ways to offer online shoppers a better shopping, receiving and returns experience. Shipping: Find reliable and cost-effective shipping services in Canada and internationally.  Scale up your business! Talk to your sales representative or visit to download our e-book, 5 insights from Canada’s fastest-growing retailers: How to go from good to great. Visit to download our e-book, 5 insights from Canada's fastest growing retailers: How to go from good to great. Sources:  1. Canada Post. 2019 eMerchant Study, 19-201, August 2019 2. 2019 Canadian Online Shopper Study, CPC 19-201, April 2019.  3. Statista/ Digital Market Outlook – eCommerce, Canada, January 2020.

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