Who is the Canadian online shopper? Insights to grow your business north of the border

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Are you a U.S.-based merchant looking to grow? Just north of the border, a tremendous opportunity awaits in Canada.

Canada boasts a prosperous economy and a sizeable population of 36 million people, the bulk of whom live within 100 miles of their American neighbours. Canadians are shopping online more than ever before: statistics show e-commerce spending is surging by 15% each year, and, according to eMarketer, is expected to reach almost $50 billion by 2019.

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Despite sharing a border, Canadians and Americans are different in many ways. To achieve success in this dynamic market, you must have an understanding of the unique purchase behaviour and expectations of the Canadian shopper.

A booming business with room to grow

Online shopping is a booming business in Canada. Some 21 million Canadians, or 80% of the population, made at least one online purchase in 2015. Of that group, 9.2 million people bought something from a U.S. online retailer. That figure represents about 44% of the Canadians who purchased items online, suggesting there is a great deal of room for U.S. e-merchants to grow their business north of the border.

Your market: millions of Canadians

Your market: millions of CanadiansWhy Canadians buy from south of the border

Canadians display a diverse range of interests and desires when shopping from U.S. e-commerce retailers, buying items across an array of categories. The most common, however, are apparel and accessories, and books, videos and music.

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What Canadians are buying onlineSo, why do Canadian shoppers choose to buy from south of the border?

  • Exclusivity and availability– some U.S. brands simply aren’t available in Canada.
  • Variety– many Canadians say there’s more to choose from with U.S. merchants than at local stores.
  • Lower prices– even after factoring in shipping costs, taxes, customs fees, and the exchange rate, Canadians can often get what they want while spending less.

There’s no stopping Canadian online shoppers

Canadians are not about to abandon U.S. retailers. Rather, they’re likely to shop from them in growing numbers: 75% of Canadians who purchased from an American e-commerce merchant intend to make as many or more purchases the following year.

Prosperous, populous, and primed for growth, Canada offers enterprising e-commerce merchants a rich opportunity with enormous potential. Those who act quickly to tap into this burgeoning market and engage Canada’s growing community of online shoppers are setting themselves up for success.

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