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The average person’s 8-second attention span is shorter than a gold fish’s. It’s noisy out there, and every brand vying for consumer attention knows it.

The amount of content consumers see every day is overwhelming. The only way brands can break through this noise is to differentiate. In this quest for differentiation, does the type of advertising channel affect how your message is received? Or remembered?

Breaking Through the Noise, a new whitepaper, answers that question with fresh discoveries that marketers leverage through Smartmail Marketing™ to improve campaign responses and consumer relationships.

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4 takeaways for marketers

The ethnographic study into physical mail’s visibility, longevity and impact in relation to digital mail shows that this channel helps your brand to:

  • Mail is ritualized by consumers and imbued with emotional meaning, making them more likely to be inspired by your brand.
  • Get noticed. Consumers are far more likely to notice, open, read and enjoy mail than digital advertising.
  • Consumers keep mail, display it, and share it with others, creating multiple engagement opportunities for your brand.
  • Persuade. Mail delivers a call-to-action that works, whether to drive customers to your e-commerce site or retail location.

Where do you keep yours?

The study, led by user experience expert Arnie Guha, Ph.D., focused on attitudes and responses to direct mail. One discovery was how long consumers are prone to keep some types of mail in their homes:

  • 49 per cent keep restaurant menus for a month or more.
  • 35 per cent keep catalogues for a month or more.
  • 38 per cent keep coupons for a month or more (this rose to 53% for fast food coupons).

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