Festive gifters: Meet the 4 holiday shopping segments set to spread cheer in 2023

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The holidays are coming and shoppers will soon be gearing up to create magical moments with the gifts they’ve chosen. Most Canadian shoppers can be grouped into 1 of 4 segments: Thoughtful Gifters, Cash Gifters, Deal Gifters and Extravagant Gifters.

Meet the 4 holiday shopping segments

Each segment has its own unique style when it comes to holiday shopping. Some put lots of thought into finding the perfect gift, others prefer to give the freedom of choice. There are those who seek the best deals and those who love to go all out with extravagant presents. Each segment starts their holiday shopping at different times of the year.

By understanding what each type of gifter looks for when shopping, you can improve their customer experience by tailoring your messaging and offerings to their gift-giving motivations and preferences.

Let’s meet the 4 types of gifters who will be spreading cheer this year:

The Thoughtful Gifter

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These gifters believe in the power of heartfelt gestures over lavish spending. They make up more than half (52%) of holiday shoppers and spent an average of $812 in 2022. These gifters purchase gifts year-round, both in-store and online. To attract them, consider offering personalized touches like adding a heartfelt message or card to their purchase.

The Deal Gifter

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Making up nearly a quarter (24%) of holiday shoppers, these savvy gifters are all about finding the best bargains. They spent $812, on average, during the 2022 holidays.

Mostly comprised of female Millennials and Gen Xers, Deal Gifters plan strategically and start holiday shopping around Black Friday. They appreciate businesses that offer great deals, loyalty rewards and easy returns. Grab their attention through pre-sale ads and provide incentives like bonus loyalty points and a generous return policy.

The Cash Gifter

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Efficiency is key for these gifters, who represent 19% of the gifting population. They prefer to empower their loved ones with the freedom to choose their own gifts by giving cash or gift cards. During the 2022 holidays, they spent an average of $935.

Comprised primarily of male Boomers, Cash Gifters tend to do their shopping in-store, and closer to the holidays. Make sure to cater to their last-minute needs by showcasing a wide range of gift cards and certificates.

The Extravagant Gifter

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Extravagant Gifters spare no expense when it comes to showering their loved ones with gifts during the holiday season. Accounting for just 5% of gifters, they spent an average of $1,625 in 2022. Mostly comprised of Gen Zers and Millennials, Extravagant Gifters prefer to make their purchases online, and begin their holiday shopping journey in September or October.

If you want to capture the attention of these lavish spenders, it’s important to create a exceptional shopping experience that matches their extraordinary gift-giving. Use social media ads to catch their eye and showcase how your products can be part of their grand gestures. Consider offering limited edition items exclusively for the holiday season to entice them further. These unique and one-of-a-kind gifts will add an extra touch of festive fun to their shopping experience.

Customize the customer experience

To help each type of shoppers, consider creating a gift guide that showcases your best products and services in one place. This guide will relieve some holiday stress by offering both information and inspiration. Don’t forget to include sections dedicated to gifts for specific relatives or partners to make their shopping experience even smoother.

By tapping into your customers’ gift-giving personalities, you can tailor your marketing approach to their specific desires. Whether it’s enchanting the Thoughtful Gifters, dazzling the Deal Gifters, embracing the Cash Gifters, or captivating the Extravagant Gifters – make sure your messaging and offerings align with their holiday aspirations.

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1 *All statistics come from Canada Post’s 2023 eShopper Survey conducted by Phase 5 Consulting Group, May 2023.