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When it comes to  auto dealerships, brand loyalty fades easily and competition is fierce. Drumming up new business takes a lot more than just sending out mass email messages. To come out on top, you need a dynamic campaign that combines digital and physical outreach.

Saskatoon’s Sherwood Chevrolet did just that. They sold a record number of cars in one month by using direct mail in a multi-channel campaign.

Drive traffic and sales with direct mail

For its 45th anniversary, Sherwood Chevrolet created a multi-channel campaign to sell 45 cars for just $45 over the wholesale cost. This included sending out a Neighbourhood Mail™ piece with a $25 gift certificate for services at the dealership.

Sherwood used the Canada Post Precision Targeter™ tool to locate and target prospects near their dealership. The direct mail campaign resulted in:

  • 900 new walk-in customers to the dealership
  • A 134% increase in new customer leads, includingcalls or emails from people who received the direct mail piece
  • A 100% increase in website traffic the week the Neighbourhood Mail™piece was delivered to homes
  • A 90% increase in monthly traffic compared to last year

Precision TargeterTM will help you select the demographic and location you want to reach.

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Neighbourhood Mail™ drives customers to store and website

Most importantly, Sherwood sold a record number of cars in the month the campaign launched. “I’m quite confident in saying that the direct mail was a big piece of those leads,” said Jay Brown, marketing manager for Sherwood Chevrolet. “There is a tremendous value in having direct mail as part of the integrated marketing plan.”

Use direct mail (with Precision Targeter™) to propel your campaign

When it comes to boosting sales, direct mail has several advantages:

  • Targeted direct mail offers accurate tracking and measurable ROI
  • 51%of recipients say they prefer when companies use a combination of mail and email to communicate with them.
  • Customers tend to prefer direct mail marketing from local businesses over email.
  • 66%of mail recipients keep mail they consider useful
  • 64% of mail recipients visited a website in reaction to direct mail

This powerful tool leads you through simple steps to select the demographic and location you want to reach with a bulk or unaddressed mailing campaign.

For Sherwood Chevrolet, the results of the integrated campaign speak for themselves.

Direct mail can grow your business

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