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New print technology is making it easier than ever to grab customer attention. Learn how INCITE 10’s fabric cover – with variable data – became a first ever for Canada, thanks to Flash Reproductions’ investment in a Konica Minolta AccurioJet KM-1 inkjet press.

New threads: the INCITE 10 cover

We never miss an opportunity to grab our readers’ attention. That’s why each cover of INCITE showcases innovative printing techniques, reflecting one of the case studies explored inside the magazine.

The INCITE 10 cover was inspired by an IKEA direct mail marketing campaign that targeted customers who had not shared their email address with the company. IKEA created an attention-grabbing fabric “email” to mail to these non-digital customers.

Watch INCITE 10 being produced

The INCITE 10 cover is a Pearl White linen fabric mounted to an 8pt OPUS cover stock. The fabric stock was printed on in full colour, with digital variable personalization, using the Konica Minolta AccurioJet KM-1 inkjet press.

Because of the advances in printing technology made possible by this incredible new machine, we were the first in Canada to print variable data onto a fabric-covered stock, with a spot foil added to highlight the overall texture of the linen.

A Printer Like No Other

The AccurioJet KM-1 inkjet press is kind of like a unicorn – in a league all its own. It combines the speed and flexibility of offset presses, with the digital benefits of variable data printing, and the elimination of make-readies.

The printer has the ability to print on 23″ x 29.5″ sheet size, allowing for 6-up full bleed letter-size printing at 3,000 pages per hour. It prints on 17 lb vellum up to 24 point stock weights, without any pre-coating necessary. It features automatic perfecting/duplexing up to 18 point. It even prints on traditional offset/litho stocks, as well as textured, synthetics, and canvas. It also uses unique, patented UV ink which immediately cures for greater post-press durability.

A little too technical? It’s all about possibilities. This printer easily handles pretty much any project you can throw at it. Technology is finally catching up with your creativity.

Make Waves With Innovative Print Pieces

Flash Reproductions is known for taking on printing projects that other shops consider impossible. Their “can-do”  led them to invest in the game-changing AccurioJet KM-1 machine. “We’re obsessive about print processes. If there is a new way to print, or even a new twist on an old process, we find it and research it,” explains Rich Pauptit, President, Flash Reproductions.

“To put it simply, I believe the KM-1 will allow us to offer what everyone wants. The best quality, in the shortest time, at a budget conscious price.”

Printers like the AccurioJet KM-1 inkjet press do a lot more than just print high quality pieces – they enable customers to create unforgettable print experiences! Flash put itself on the map by taking on challenging and innovative print projects that have garnered a lot of attention for the company. You may not run a print shop, but you can learn from their example.

The key to getting people to notice your business is innovation. If you want to stand out with your next print project, ask yourself what distinguishes your business from the competition. Can you take those distinguishing factors and feature them in a creative direct mail piece?

If you’re new to direct mail, get started by reading this guide to planning a successful DM campaign. If you’re a DM veteran looking to stay ahead of the pack with an out-of-the-box approach, read how we created a cover that felt like a wetsuit.

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