Hold Mail service isn’t available for people receiving mail through a shared delivery location such as a:

  • Business
  • Hospital
  • Hotel/motel
  • Rooming house
  • Nursing home
  • School or similar institution
  • Dormitory
  • Location where several businesses share the same address
  • FlexDelivery address
  • Automated Parcel Locker

Hold Mail service also isn’t available for mail received through a privately administrated mailbox company.

Other Hold Mail restrictions

  • You can only use the “all residents” option if no resident at the address needs to receive mail during the hold mail period.
  • The “all residents” option isn’t available for customers receiving mail through a rural route address (an address containing the R.R. indicator, followed by a number).
  • We use the “some residents” option to hold mail for specific people. You must provide the first and last name of each person.
  • When we receive conflicting instructions about a specific address or customer (for example, in the instance of a dissolved marriage, business, or cohabitation), we need a court order or a signed, written agreement bearing the signature of all the involved parties. The agreement or court order must specify delivery instructions for personally addressed items and for jointly addressed items.
  • We reserve the right to change the service option to “some residents” or cancel the service should you impede mail delivery for other mail recipients at the address.
  • You can't change the Hold Mail address after the service has started.