My Mailbox beta release participation conditions

    1. You must agree to give permission for HR to access your records that will be used for address verification. We need to verify that you live at the address you have provided in order to comply with Canada Post privacy requirements. We will compare the address you provided for the beta release to the address in your employee file.

    2. You must confirm that you are not planning to move within the next six months. As this is a beta release, we will not be supporting change of addresses or mail redirection at this time. If you move at any point during the pilot, please contact the project team at to advise of the change.

    3. All participants signed up to the beta release will be asked to complete two brief surveys during and after the testing phase. Each survey will last no more than 5 minutes with 5-10 questions to answer. Your feedback and comments will be kept confidential and used to improve the service.

    4. For additional information, view the My Mailbox FAQ.