New research report: Pulse of the conscious consumer

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The winds of change are always blowing, but they’ve been especially fierce over the past three years. Canadian consumers, and consumers around the world, have responded to this change by examining who they are and what’s most important to them. Sustainability has emerged as a key priority.

What Canadian consumers want from businesses like yours

As more and more Canadian consumers embrace sustainability, what implications does this shift have for the Canadian businesses vying for their attention and loyalty? Canada Post set out to answer this burning question with a cross-country survey of Canadian consumers that examined:

  • What they’re doing to adopt more sustainable lifestyles
  • What they expect from businesses on the sustainability front
  • How they feel about businesses’ sustainability efforts to date
  • Which sustainability practices they value most from businesses

We captured the results of this survey in our latest research report, Pulse of the conscious consumer. Read it today.

Phase 5. Canadian online shopper study, May 2022.

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