Creative is key: How to make the most out of your direct mail campaigns

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Think of the legendary marketing campaigns that stuck with you: Priceless. Think different. Got milk? Just do it. They all have one thing in common – incredible creative.

Campaigns like these are memorable and stay relevant long after launch thanks to the words, images and design carefully chosen to attract your attention. While your next campaign may not resonate for a quarter century (or more) like the above, the right creative will still play a huge role in your success.

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Capture attention 

We’re bombarded with digital messages daily. This overload isn’t just frustrating, it’s leading to digital fatigue. This fatigue, however, is providing an opportunity for businesses and organizations to create more meaningful, intimate communications. People want to be connected to something, hold tangible items, be spoken to directly and feel like businesses and organizations understand what they want. One proven way to do that is through direct mail.

Make the most of direct mail  

Direct mail is a powerful tool that can help you reach your target audience. It enables you to personally connect with them and highlight a relevant product or service and, at the same time, share an offer they can act on immediately. Like any powerful marketing tool, creative is key. So, consider making the experience memorable by deploying surprising formats, unexpected creative or simply including a compelling offer and strong call to action.

Get creative with direct mail and learn by example 

Let’s look at how some major companies have used direct mail and how you can apply their secrets to use it in unique and standout ways. We have hundreds of examples of leading brands and organizations using direct mail in creative ways.

Embrace expertise 

Canada Post can help you take it even creativity further. Contact us to discover even more about the ins and outs of direct mail, including how Predictive Eye Tracking software can help you identify areas of your direct mail creative that have the best potential to draw in viewers.

SiriusXM’s agency expert discusses the process for developing impactful creative campaigns.

Einstein said that “creativity is intelligence having fun” – so go have a little fun with your next campaign.


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