Grow your business and reach with direct mail

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You’ve started your dream business, you’re receiving orders and you feel good about where you are as a business. But how do you grow, and ensure that you’re reaching potential customers?

Direct mail: your new secret weapon

Many businesses only focus on digital ads or their social media presence and overlook direct mail marketing. This is a missed opportunity because direct mail is highly effective and can encompass anything from flyers and postcard advertisements to product samples that are delivered directly to consumers’ mailboxes. A direct mail campaign can provide information, hold customers’ attention and drive action.

Why direct mail is worth trying

Direct mail allows you to precisely target consumers, has a high response rate, can be customized around your branding and content and gets results.

People like it and it is impactful:

  • 92% of Canadians read direct mail.1
  •  88% of Canadians will visit a store or website after receiving direct mail.2

If you can define who you want to reach, and create content that will grab and hold their attention, direct mail is a great way to deliver your message into the right hands. It can be hyper targeted, helping you break through to particular demographics and locations.

Did you know postcard marketing has the highest response rate (4.4%) when compared to digital marketing (0.12%)? This makes direct mail marketing 1o to 30 times more effective.

Direct mail vs. digital

Direct mail makes consumers feel valued – 57% are more likely to feel valued when brands contact them through mail rather than email.3 It also triggers longer interactions as 39% more time is spent with integrated direct mail and digital campaigns than with digital-only campaigns.4

Add direct mail to your marketing strategy.

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We make it easy

Anyone can make direct mail campaigns and Canada Post makes it easy with DIY tools and partners that can design and manage your direct mail campaigns for you.

Do it yourself or with a partner

Snap Admail is a fast and easy online tool designed to help small businesses create effective, integrated direct mail and digital campaigns on a budget.

You can also choose to work with a Canada Post partner. These experts work with businesses of all sizes and can help you create, manage and send effective direct mail campaigns.

Use direct mail to connect, captivate and convert

Reaching your target audience – with the right message at the right time – is a challenge that’s critical to marketing success. You can create direct mail campaigns easily that get results by using Canada Post SmartMail Marketing™ to connect with, captivate and convert the people that matter to your business through impactful experiences that turn insights into action.

Send more, save more

You can save on direct mail campaigns and shipments by joining the Canada Post Solutions for Small Business™ program. The more you send, the more you save! We offer 3 saving levels that range between 5% to 15% – so you’ll save while reaching potential customers.

Savings level 1 sends 0 to 35,000 pieces of Neighbourhood Mail per year and gets a 5%discount. Savings level 2 sends 35,001 to 60,000 pieces of Neighbourhood Mail per year and gets a 10% discount. Savings level 3 sends 60,001 to 100,000 pieces of Neighbourhood Mail per year and gets a 15% discount.

Three ways to connect

You can use SmartMail Marketing in 3 different ways: Personalized Mail, Postal Code Targeting or Neighborhood Mail.

1. Personalized Mail

Connect one-on-one with your customers to build loyalty and retention. You can target addresses, individuals or a mix of both to promote your products, services, program and events.

2. Postal Code Targeting

Grow your customer base by targeting postal code areas. We help you profile your ideal prospects and find and target postal codes where they can be reached. You can also target lookalike audiences to reach specific communities.

3. Neighborhood Mail

Find new customers with quick-to-market campaigns that target specific neighbourhoods with printed and non-printed materials like product samples, catalogues, community newspapers, co-op mailings, flyers and samples.

Direct mail, an ace up your sleeve

If you want to reach the right audience at the right time, in the right place, direct mail will be a key addition to your marketing mix. It will help your business stand out and enable you to reach potential customers and drive them to take action. Direct mail campaigns can be easy to create and affordable to send when you use Canada Post’s direct mail solutions.

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