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With millions of pieces going through the mail stream every day, it’s important to prepare your shipments to avoid issues or delays. In Chapter 8 of the Essential Guide to Direct Mail, we cover 3 direct mail solutions with specifications and guidelines you need to know to get your mail moving efficiently.

SiriusXM discusses the production process with Canada Post.

Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail: How it works

Used to target neighbourhoods rather than specific individuals, Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™ works well for awareness and acquisition. Find the neighbourhoods you want to target using Precision TargeterTM, a Canada Post partner or Canada Post Data Solutions Centre. Using Precision Targeter, you can easily select the audience characteristics or demographics you want to match.

Postal Code Targeting: How it works

Postal Code Targeting focuses on specific geographic areas and/or demographics. This type of mailing works well for businesses focusing on awareness and acquisition and needing more precise targeting. You must work with a Canada Post partner for this type of mailing as a “non-personalized” address is printed on the mail item.

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Canada Post Personalized Mail: How it works

For these one-to-one personalized mailings, you will be using a list, either your own customer/prospect list or a rented one. This type of mailing works well for businesses focusing on targeting that involves precision acquisition as well as retention and loyalty.

Get your direct mail moving

Canada Post partners are here to help you through every step of the process:

  Determine the specifications for your mailing type

  Design and produce your items

  Sign in to Canada Post’s Online Business Centre

  Select EST (Electronic Shipping Tools)

  Create an Order (Statement of Mailing)

  Prepare your mail for deposit

  Deposit your mail with Canada Post for delivery

  Pay for your Order

Essential tips

  • A standard machineable mailing will normally take 3 to 5 days to reach the intended destination.
  • Oversize pieces and those needing Special Handling will take 3 to 8 days. Weight and final destination play a factor.
  • For Postal Code Targeting, mailings must be deposited within 90 days from when the data file was provided.

Need more information on production specifications and delivery guidelines? Chapter 8 of the Essential Guide to Direct Mail helps simplify the direct mail process for your business.

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