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Foodservice Industry Forecast 2021-2025
RC Intel
“…the restaurant industry has continued to do what it does best: face rapidly changing circumstances, evolving legislation amendments and forced closures with resilience and overwhelming creativeness even while navigating tremendous financial and mental health challenges”

The restaurant of the future: A vision evolves
“Consumer demands for convenience and seamless digital experiences are on the rise, further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. How can food establishments elevate customer experiences to be successful with the next-generation guest?”

Restaurant Trends in 2022
“There will be an increasing shift toward digital preference in 2022, as consumer trends prioritize and expect experiences that are fast, personal, and super-efficient.”

Why Value Will Make a Fast-Food Comeback in 2022
QSR Magazine
“Continued inflation and the end of stimulus is going to create a value battleground.”

Webinar: Canadian Restaurant Investment & Leadership Summit 2021
CWB Franchise Finance
Industry experts share insights and perspectives on the future of the foodservice industry in Canada. (1hr 13mins)

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