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Greening your ecommerce operations

Whether it’s packaging, shipping, returns or last-mile delivery, get fresh insights and advice to boost your sustainability strategy.

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Meet Generation Z

They’re set to upend the trajectory of retail. Discover how to engage this new shopper segment.

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Packaging 101: What you need to know

Well-chosen packaging is essential in ecommerce. Learn how to pick the right packaging mix for your business.

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How Canada Post helped first responders grow a business

An awareness campaign for first responders transformed into a thriving ecommerce business with help from Canada Post.

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Taking the pulse of the conscious consumer

Taking the pulse of the conscious consumer

Honouring a family tradition of sustainability

Honouring a family tradition of sustainability

How to scale up your ecommerce operations

How to scale up your ecommerce operations

“Truly, there’s no excuse for any organization not to be working with First Nations. If you don’t have Indigenous engagement as part of your long-term strategy, you’re not going to be successful.”

Thomas Benjoe - President and CEO, FHQ Developments

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“People are aware. Customers have expectations when it comes to social responsibility, workers’ rights, diversity and inclusion, the environment. So, we continue to make every effort to stay ahead of the curve. Social responsibility is critical; it’s table stakes.”

Lisa Reitman, Vice-president, Customer Experience, Reitmans

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“There is a totally net new economy taking shape under our feet – one not rooted in the bricks and mortar of the physical world, but in emerging digital spaces where economic exchanges are for the benefit and enjoyment of our virtual selves.”

David Nagy, Founder, eCommerce Canada

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