How Dry Skin Love is naturally nourishing skin

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Meet Dry Skin Love Ltd. – an inspiring Canadian small business that was selected as a finalist in the Marketing Magic category of our 2023 Small Business Tales of Triumph Contest. This category of the contest celebrates businesses that are investing in marketing to strengthen and support their growth. Discover how they’re defining their voice, raising awareness for their brand and growing their presence. Let’s get to know this amazing company.

Nourishing dry skin

Dry Skin Love is a luxury skincare business developed by Dr. Natasha Ryz. Its product line offers effective solutions for dry and painful skin. The brand infuses natural plant ingredients that offer serious benefits for skin including plant oils, herbs, flowers, roots, plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants. Customers love the line’s natural aromas, vibrant colours, rich textures and effective results.

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Infusing each product with stories

Natasha believes that good brands tell stories including personal ones. As a scientist, Natasha learned that facts are great supporting elements for stories and product benefits are the star. As she created her line, she kept this idea in mind and focused on infusing skincare stories into each product.

I started Dry Skin Love to create luxury skincare for dry, aging skin. I wanted to create skincare that I look forward to using every single day. I also wanted to celebrate plants in all their glory. Natural, organic and wild plants. I hope you get to experience whole plants taking care of you.

Natasha Ryz


Dry Skin Love

A hand holds a bottle of Dry Skin Love’s Wild Orange Oil to Milk Face Cleanser. A woman in a lab coat and gloves pours oil into a stainless steel bowl.

Defining her brand and raising awareness

Natasha regularly shares content about Dry Skin Love’s products, natural ingredients, dry skin care and lifestyle on the company’s website. Her marketing mix to promote the brand includes blogging, social media, email marketing and collaborations with micro influencers who specialize in skincare. She shares products for them to try and promote.

In her efforts to raise brand awareness, Natasha focuses on cultivating the brand’s unique aesthetic on their website and social media. She uses it to attract influencers, beauty bloggers and press who want to collaborate.

Having a brand aesthetic established made it easier to reach out to influencers because they can quickly decide if you are right for a collaboration.

Natasha Ryz


Dry Skin Love

Continuing to nourish and flourish

Natasha is working hard to get Dry Skin Love into more hands in her community. She plans to continue to build and grow the brand through influencer collaborations, honest reviews, photos and videos.

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