Privacy Policy

A postal worker scans a Canada Post flat rate box.

Why we collect your information

We collect your information to provide you with services that you’ve requested and to improve your customer experience.

How we use your information

Go to reference for footnote 1. Please note that Canada Post isn't required to make any payments to you for your feedback. Any feedback you provide becomes the sole property of Canada Post. Other terms and conditions may apply.
Go to reference for footnote 2. A cookie is a small file that’s sent to your computer when you visit our website. When you visit our site again, the cookie allows our site to recognize your browser and preferences.
Go to reference for footnote 3. Identity verification is the act or process of linking an identifier to you. For example, you create and use login credentials or we verify the validity of an ID document and match it to the person who presents it.
Go to reference for footnote 4. Identity authentication is the act of determining that you are who you claim to be. For example, asking you questions that only you can answer or relying on your biometrics (for example, a fingerprint or iris scan).
Go to reference for footnote 5. A web beacon is technology we use to check if you have accessed some of our website or email content.
Go to reference for footnote 6. A pixel tag is technology we place on our website, or within the body of an email, to track your interactions with us. This includes when you view our site or open an email sent from us.