Addressing requirements

The address information on the shipping label must be:

  • Legible
  • Completed correctly as specified in our Addressing guidelines including, but not limited to:
    • The recipient name or recipient company name
    • Recipient telephone number

If any addressing deficiency causes a delay in delivery of an item, the service guarantee won’t apply.

Priority Worldwide - specific addressing requirements

You must complete the address information on the Priority™ Worldwide shipping label in English or have an English translation. Postal code is mandatory for all destinations that have a postal code system. Addressing the item to a PO box is acceptable to certain destinations (see the International shipping chart), but the shipment will be held at the FedEx location nearest the destination and the recipient will be contacted for pickup. If the recipient can't be contacted or doesn't pick up the item, it will be returned at the sender’s expense. A recipient phone number is mandatory on all shipments. The On-Time Money Back Guarantee doesn’t apply to shipments that:

  • Aren’t properly addressed
  • Don’t have a valid sender and recipient telephone number

Xpresspost – International destination list

See the International shipping chart for a list of selected destinations and to see if it’s acceptable to address the item to a PO box and where Signature is available.

Tracked Packet – International destination list

For a list of selected destinations, see the International shipping chart.

Please note:

  • It’s mandatory to include a U.S. ZIP code for all U.S. destinations.
  • You’re responsible for signing all documentation where applicable. Employees aren’t allowed to sign the shipping label or the Invoice Declaration/Commercial Invoice on the sender’s behalf.