Tracking Events and Services

Tracking gives you the latest information on the location and status of your item. We update our information as it becomes available.

Tracking and Delivery Confirmation

We’ve deployed systems and capabilities throughout the delivery network to scan barcodes and track items when:

  • You use Electronic Shipping Tools (EST), Shipping Manager, or Snap Ship to create a shipping Order electronically
  • We first accept the item via:
    • An Automated Post Office
    • A Postal Facility
    • One-time On-Demand Pickup
    • One-time Third-party On-demand Pickup
  • We sort and prepare a deposited item for dispatch to the postal administration or designated operator

Tracking of items by a postal administration or designated operator is available:

  • When the item reaches the destination
  • If the item goes through the detailed customs inspection process
  • When the item reaches the final stages of the delivery process (attempted delivery or successful delivery)

Please note: We’ll provide tracking information for delivery confirmation upon delivery or attempted delivery from the postal administration or designated operator. This provides positive information that the item arrived at its destination. The item number (ID) is scanned, and the date captured.

The information is usually available:

  • By noon the next business day after delivery
  • Via an automated phone response system
  • Online (

Delivery Confirmation isn’t available for items mailed to American military post offices or U.S. territory addresses.

Delivery updates

By email

Delivery updates is a free option that allows you to receive email notifications of item-tracking events as they occur.

This option is available when you create a parcel Order with our Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) or Snap Ship.

The option is also available if you use Track at

You may enter a total of four email addresses per shipment.

Delivery updates tracking-event types include:

Ship - Indicates that the shipment Order has been created, and that someone has given us the item for delivery (only available when using EST or Snap Ship). (Available with email notifications)

Exception - Notifies you of any unforeseen delivery interruptions. (Available with email and text message notifications)

For example:

  • Items that are returned to the sender or refused
  • Items delayed due to circumstances beyond our control
  • Addressing errors
  • Transportation errors

Delivery - Notifies you (available with email and text message) when the item is:

  • Out for delivery
  • Ready for pickup at a post office
  • Confirmed delivered to a residence, community mailbox, or parcel locker


We commit to providing a delivery scan event for every barcoded item that’s:

  • Successfully delivered
  • Determined to be undeliverable and returned to the sender

This event gives electronic confirmation of the delivery status. Upon delivery, or attempted delivery, the tracking number is scanned, and the system captures the date and time. This information is usually available on our Track page immediately after delivery and no later than noon the next business day after delivery.

By phone

You can receive updates through an automated phone response system by contacting customer service.

Delivery to a post office box

Items will be delivered to a post office box in a destination where this type of delivery is available. Items addressed to a post office box aren’t eligible for the On-Time Delivery Guarantee or the Money Back Guarantee.