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Neighbourhood Mail™ Overview of Changes Print

Details on service and price changes for Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™ effective January 16, 2017 and other recent or upcoming changes

The details in this "Overview of Changes" is for information purposes only and should not be regarded or relied upon as legal advice or opinion. While no substantial changes other than those noted in this Overview of Changes are anticipated, we continue to review and update the Customer Guides.

Customers mailing with Canada Post must refer to the applicable General Terms and Conditions at

  • For Customers without a Canada Post Standing Offer Agreement, or
  • For Customers with a Canada Post Standing Offer Agreement

2017 Neighbourhood Mail Price Sheet

There will be price increases introduced on January 16, 2017. Refer to the 2017 Neighbourhood Mail Price Sheet at Only the non-contracted Price Sheet is available online.

Qualifying customers may have access to lower prices by signing an Agreement. To obtain further details, contact the Commercial Service Network at 1 866 757 5480.

2017 Neighbourhood Mail Customer Guide

The 2017 version of the Neighbourhood Mail Customer Guide will be posted at on November 18, 2016.

Effective January 16, 2017

Adding a Data & Targeting module to our Customer Guides

Last year, we redesigned our Customer Guides making them easier to use and understand. The content, presented in modules, provides the steps required when preparing your mailing. These modules are: Service Overview, Pricing, Designing, Preparing, Creating an Order, Depositing and Paying & Terms.

Canada Post can help you use data to maximize the impact of your message through data analysis, list hygiene and more. When a list is used wisely, businesses can target top customers, get their brand directly into the right hands and boost profits in a cost-effective way.

In January, a new Data & Targeting module will be added to the Neighbourhood Mail and Personalized Mail Customer Guides. This module will provide a comprehensive view of Canada Post’s Data & Targeting solutions to complement your Smartmail Marketing™ campaigns.

Advance posting of these Customer Guides will be available on November 18, 2016.

Clarifying the definition of Neighbourhood Mail Co-op mailings

Canada Post defines co-op mailings as items that feature promotional content from two or more organizations. Co-op items are typically printed as booklets or enclosed in an envelope. Directories, newsletters, calendars and community newspapers are not considered co-op mailings.

When participating in a co-op mailing, Canada Post requires the co-op owner, which can include the owner of the agreement, an authorized user, or the mail on behalf of to advertise on a minimum of 10% of the space visible on the outside of the item.

Discontinuing large Flexipack pouches

Due to low usage, the large Flexipack pouches will be discontinued in early 2017. If you currently have these pouches in-stock you may continue to use them until depleted. Alternative container options include customer-supplied boxes, Letterflatainers (LFTs) and Flats Tubs. While we make every effort to provide containers when requested, Canada Post-supplied equipment is subject to availability.

Changes and enhancements introduced in 2016

Introduced Predictive Eye Tracking service

Canada Post is pleased to offer a Predictive Eye Tracking (PET) service to help ensure your direct mail and other advertising pieces are optimized to capture your customer’s attention and emphasize your key messages. This technology enables you to predict how effective a marketing piece is likely to be before you send it, providing a chance to make improvements that will resonate best with your customers and maximize your return on investment.

Predictive Eye Tracking assesses three key elements of a communication piece:

  • Visual path: Measures the amount of attention to a particular feature to predict whether a consumer will notice it within the first three to five seconds.
  • Complexity: Analyzes the amount of content and clutter in an image.
  • Focus: Uses a heat map to display the areas in an image that draw visual attention. This helps identify whether someone’s attention will be focused on key messages.

The PET analysis report on these key areas helps businesses understand whether the key messages in their direct mailand other communication pieces are noticeable to their target customer.

For further information visit or contact your Canada Post Sales or Service representative.

Important reminders

Discontinuation of Lettertainers for Neighbourhood Mail as a container option

As previously communicated, Lettertainers will be discontinued for Neighbourhood Mail effective December 31, 2016. If you have not already done so, we recommend you convert to alternative container options before this date to avoid unnecessary delays when depositing your mail.

Alternative container options include customer-supplied boxes or Letterflatainers (LFTs). Label specification (size, content, paper weight) for LFTs are posted at While we make every effort to provide containers when requested, Canada Post-supplied equipment is subject to availability.

Coming soon!

Introducing a new Postal Code Targeting service

In early 2017, we will be launching a new service called Postal Code Targeting. We have been testing this service with our commercial customers for the past year and will soon be ready to bring it to market.

This service supports the acquisition of new customers for your business by targeting postal codes that meet the geographic and demographic profile of your ideal customers. With this service, you can also remove your current customers from your campaign, thus maximizing your return on investment with cost-effective and highly targeted campaigns.

Look for more information in early 2017!

Improving our commercial invoice

In 2017, Canada Post will be improving the commercial invoices to make them easier to read, easier to understand and easier to process, while providing you the information you need to support your business. You will have options to choose the right format for your business and new online support to assist you with your choices!

Expect more information on these exciting changes in early 2017.

Overview of changes posted October 3, 2016