Accepting a commercial mailing in Canada

Before accepting a commercial mailing, make sure:

  • Each parcel has a unique shipping label affixed to it and listed on the Manifest. A completed Manifest may be submitted with a shipment containing more than one parcel.
  • A Bill of Lading form is acting as a combination Manifest/shipping label for a single item.
  • Items bear a full and complete “to” address and a Canadian return address.
  • Item weight doesn’t exceed 30 kg.
  • Each item’s shipping label delivery options, dimensions, and weight match the Order documents.
  • Each item has an official Canada Post barcode that’s:
    • Intact
    • Legible (not covered up)
    • Flat (not folded, crinkled, or creased)
    • Ideally placed lengthwise on the item
  • Barcodes aren’t folded around or over the side of the item.