Collect on Delivery (COD)

Collect on Delivery (COD) is available for domestic parcel shipments, for an extra fee. This option isn’t available at non-automated post offices. We’ll card all COD items (no delivery to the door). The addressee or the addressee’s representative must pay the COD amount, as specified by the shipper on the shipping label, before we hand the item over to the addressee. After collection, we send the COD funds to the shipper by cheque or electronic fund transfer. The COD funds may be subject to a remittance delay of 10 business days. COD is available for transactions up to $999.99 at a post office or when using our COD tool. For customers with a Standing Offer Agreement, transactions of up to $5,000 are available when using Electronic Shipping Tools (EST).

Maximum COD value depending on method of payment

Method of payment Value
Credit card Up to $100
Cash 1 Up to $1,000
Debit card 2 Up to $5,000
Certified cheque 3 Up to $5,000
Bank draft 3 Up to $5,000
Money order 4 Up to $5,000

1 Canadian or American currency.


2 Where available. You may need to call your bank to increase your limit.


3 Must be made payable to Canada Post.


4 The maximum amount per money order is $999.99. All money orders must be made payable to Canada Post Corporation.

Important information about Collect on Delivery

You can’t send items that the addressee hasn’t requested or use the COD option to collect funds owing to you (the shipper) from a previous transaction. All money orders, bank drafts, and certified cheques for the collected amount must be made payable to Canada Post.

The shipper assumes all risks associated with payments by:

  • Money order
  • Bank draft
  • Certified cheque

We’ll deem the item undeliverable and return it to the shipper if:

  • We can’t find the addressee
  • The addressee fails or refuses to pay the COD amount
  • A manual shipping label (33-086-397 or 33-086-414) is used

Return charges will apply. We won’t refund the COD option fee. Terms and conditions applicable to COD are available online and at the post office.

Please note:

  • Debit and credit cards aren’t an acceptable method of payment in non-automated post offices.
  • You can’t return or refund a COD item through us once the addressee accepts it.
  • Should the addressee want a refund for a Collect on Delivery item, this must be arranged between the sender and the addressee.
  • The hold period for COD items is 15 calendar days (30 calendar days for northern addresses). Once the holding period has ended, we deem unclaimed COD items undeliverable and return them to the sender.
  • The COD option isn’t available with Prepaid products or when using a manual shipping label (33-086-397 or 33-086-414).