List of Amendments:
  • No. 1 - 15/07/2019
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Commercial Mail
Customer Guide

Incentive Lettermail™
Publications Mail™
Business Reply Mail™
International Incentive Letter-post™
List of Amendments:
  • No. 1 - 15/07/2019

General Information
Addressing Guidelines
Delivery Standards
Induction Locations and Cut-off Times
Postal Indicia
Customs Requirements
International Destination Listing
Tools and Supporting Documents
Best Practices
Machineable Mail Advisor
Machineable Mail Self-Assessment Tool
National Presortation Schematic
Recognized Presortation Software
Electronic Shipping Tools
Specific to Business Reply Mail only
Business Reply Mail Artwork online tool - Demo
Business Reply Mail Sizing Template - Domestic
Business Reply Mail Sizing Template - International
Create BRM Artwork
Specific to Publications Mail only
DFP Regional Price Category FSA Table
Distance-Based Pricing Exceptions List for SH Orders
SH Major Deposit Locations
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