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(Country code: BY)

Priority™ Worldwide (Delivery Standards)   03   30   NO   $1000
Xpresspost™ – International   103   30   NO   $1000
International Parcel™ (Surface)   403   30   NO   $1000
Small Packet™ (Air)   03   2   NO   N/A
Small Packet™ (Surface)   03   2   NO   N/A

Letter-post™   YES   YES   NO
Money Orders™    NO    

Maximum Coverage = Maximum Declared Value for Carriage for the Priority™ Worldwide service.

Import Restrictions

Senders should determine import restrictions from the country's authorities before posting:

  • bees
  • dairy products
  • fertilisers
  • fish products
  • fruit and vegetables
  • leeches and silkworms
  • nuts products
  • pharmaceuticals
  • plants and plant products
  • stamps
  • weapons, hunting.

Personal use items

Items for the exclusive personal use of the addressee, are admitted subject to the payment of customs duty and subject to certain items not exceeding the quantities shown:

  • audio recordings (10)
  • clothing  –  coats, jackets, etc. (3 of each kind)
  • computer tapes and discs (15)
  • electronic music equipment (1 of each kind)
  • fabric (10 metres)
  • imports of personal property acquired outside the customs territory of the Republic of Belarus from $1,000 to $10,000 in value, are levied by the customs duty of 30% from the customs value
  • jewellery items (5)
  • personal computers and peripheral equipment (1)
  • photographic and video equipment (1 of each kind)
  • radio and video machines (1 of each kind)
  • video recordings (5)
  • wood and articles of wood
  • wine and vodka (1 litre).

The import of Belarusian rubles in cash into the Republic of Belarus by natural persons is allowed per person in the amount of no more than 100 (one hundred) minimal wages, established in the Republic of Belarus.

The import of foreign cash into the Republic of Belarus by persons is not limited provided that custom formalities are observed. The declaration must be filled out in 2 copies. Upon completion the duplicate copy must be handed over to the declarant upon request.


Valuables are admitted only if sent as insured parcels.

Primarily religious works

  • Bible, Koran, Tora, etc. (2 of each kind)
  • Crucifixes, icons, etc. (2 of each kind).

Prohibited Items

In addition to items considered non-mailable matter by the Canada Post Corporation Act & Regulations (refer to the Canada Postal Guide under "Non-mailable Matter"), the following are prohibited:

  • alcohol products, ethyl alcohol, beer etc.
  • animal products*
  • any printed material urging terrorism, violence, war, racism, anti-semitism, or fascism
  • articles of cultural value
  • cereals
  • chemicals
  • clocks and watches
  • coca preparations
  • coffee/tea/spices
  • credit card / credit card blanks
  • devices for smoking opium or hashish
  • eggs, raw
  • electronic and high-frequency machines
  • graphite Products
  • honey and honeycomb
  • jewellery and precious stones in any form and condition, natural diamonds, except for jewellery
  • knives
  • meats and poultry (including pork and pork products)
  • ozone depleting substances
  • pharmaceutical products
  • photographic/cinematographic products
  • products of the printing industry (newspapers, books)
  • political Material
  • plants and seed products
  • products of milling industry
  • silk, wool and woven fabric
  • tobacco and tobacco products including smoking mistuers of all kinds
  • weapons, ammunition and parts thereof.

*Limitations have been introduced:

1. Animal products produced in Switzerland: live poultry, hatchable eggs, down and feathers, poultry meat and products thereof, all kinds of poultry products, fodder and animal feed additives, including those made from poultry and fish.

2. Animal products produced in the Russian Federation: live swine, sperm of boar, swine meat and products thereof, hides and intestinal stock, hunters' trophies, fodder and animal and vegetable feed additives for animals, including those made from fish and poultry, and equipment used for keeping, transporting, slaughtering and dressing swine.

Documentation Required

Information regarding Customs can be found in "Customs Requirements" of the Canada Postal Guide.

Commercial goods mailed to Belarus must include an invoice.

Inherited goods require a certificate, endorsed by a consul, which confirms the right of inheritance.

Customs Procedure:

Items that exceed duty free norms of 120 are subject to customs duties up to 30% of value, or at least 4 per 1kg. Custom duties are also applicable in cases of several international items imported by a single addressee within one month.

Items related to personal-use goods, which are subject to customs taxes are released, handling fees in the amount of 5 must be paid for the completion of customs operations.