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(Country code: CY)

Priority™ Worldwide (Delivery Standards)   03   30   NO   $1000
Xpresspost™ – International   102   30   YES   $1000
International Parcel™ (Surface)   402   30   YES   $1000
Small Packet™ (Air)   02   2   NO   N/A
Small Packet™ (Surface)   02   2   NO   N/A

Letter-post™   YES   YES   YES
Money Orders™    NO    

Maximum Coverage = Maximum Declared Value for Carriage for the Priority™ Worldwide service.

Import Restrictions

Senders should determine import restrictions from the country's authorities before posting:

  • animal and vegetable oils and fats
  • air rifles of a diameter not exceeding 1.77 inches or 4.5 mm
  • bees and natural honey
  • bread, biscuits and cakes
  • cigarette papers
  • clothing, used
  • cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats, maze)
  • cheese puffs, chipitos and related products
  • cocoa and cocoa preparations
  • cotton
  • clothing
  • ceramic products
  • drugs and medicines / pharmaceutical products
  • electrical machinery and equipment
  • fruit and vegetables
  • fertilisers
  • footwear
  • furniture
  • glass and glassware products
  • hand cuffs
  • inorganic/organic chemicals
  • iron and steel
  • milk and cream
  • meat, fish and cheese
  • mineral products, fuels and oils
  • oil seeds
  • paper and paperboard products
  • parasites and insect killers
  • pearls and precious stones
  • products of the milling industry
  • plastic and rubber products
  • plants
  • saccharine
  • seditious publications
  • silkworm eggs
  • stomachs, bladders and guts of animals
  • smoked trout
  • sugar and sugar confectionery
  • soaps and washing prepartions
  • sporting pistols and archers
  • wood and articles of wood
  • terry towelling
  • telecommunication equipment
  • textile products and articles
  • weapons and parts and ammunition.
  • toys.

Prohibited Items

In addition to items considered non-mailable matter, the following are prohibited:

  • bank notes, and currency, reproductions of bank notes or designs resembling them
  • checks, Payroll
  • coffee and coffee related substitutes
  • communistic Materials
  • cotton
  • counterfeit stamps and goods
  • false trade marks
  • fish, crustaceans and aquatic invertebrates
  • flowers and bulbs
  • flick knives and daggers
  • fruits and nuts
  • gambling machines
  • goods used for illegal hunting of game
  • immoral material
  • imports originating in Turkey
  • matches of white/yellow phosphorous
  • meat and meat products
  • milk with a fat content of less than 7%
  • leather and skins
  • leeches and silkworms
  • live animals
  • live plants and vines
  • ornaments or pieces resembling coins
  • salt
  • tobacco, tobacco Products
  • toys resembling firearms
  • vegetables.

Documentation Required

Information regarding Customs can be found in "Customs Requirements" of the Canada Postal Guide.

Drugs and medicines are admitted in Cyprus only with a permit from the Health Ministry. Bees are admitted only under licence from the Ministry of Agriculture.


An invoice, in an unsealed envelope firmly attached to the outside of postal items, must accompany all commercial shipments.

To facilitate faster handling and delivery it is essential to include all of the following on parcels addressed to Cyprus in the following format:

Full name of the addressee

Street name and number

CY - Postcode and Locality


Customs Procedure:

Upon arrival of goods, an electronic customs declaration (Single Administrative Document) must be submitted. At the time of submission, all supporting documents must be in possession for presentation upon customs request. Supporting documents such as; invoice, licenses, and certificates may be required.

For goods imported by post, or by other means of transport the following regulations apply:

Entry needs to be made where the Director requires

Where entry is not required, goods are liable for duty at the time, which is to be assessed by Customs

A notice is sent to the addressee in the case of seized items, regardless of whether or not the addressee is the owner of the goods.

Packages containing goods free of duty and VAT, as well as private packages containing dutiable goods at a value of less than 3.42 may be delivered immediately, provided that there are no import restrictions or prohibitions.

Private or trade packages of value not exceeding 1000 may be cleared for home use, using the simplified procedure. Trade packages of a value exceeding 1000 containing goods for warehousing, transit or temporary importation, or entitled to conditional relief should be cleared under normal clearance procedures. Postal packages and contents which were imported contrary to customs and applicable legislation are treated as seized goods and are forwarded for disposal. Goods imported by private couriers are cleared under the simplified customs procedures.