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(Country code: LT)

Priority™ Worldwide (Delivery Standards)   03   30   NO   $1000
Xpresspost™ – International   103   30   NO   $1000
International Parcel™ (Surface)   403   30   NO   $1000
Tracked Packet - International   03   2   NO   $100
Small Packet™ (Air)   03   2   NO   N/A
Small Packet™ (Surface)   03   2   NO   N/A
CUSTOMS DECLARATION LANGUAGE English, French, Russian, Lithuanian

Letter-post™   YES   YES   NO
Money Orders™    NO    

Maximum Coverage = Maximum Declared Value for Carriage for the Priority™ Worldwide service.

Import Restrictions

Senders should determine import restrictions from the country's authorities before posting:

  • animal products
  • antiques
  • barley and rye
  • bees
  • birds eggs
  • cocoa beans, shells
  • chocolate and food containing cocoa
  • cereals
  • cabbage, cauliflower
  • carrots, cucumbers and turnips
  • coffee and tea
  • dried vegetables
  • dairy products
  • edible fruit and nuts
  • eggs
  • fish products
  • flowers and flower buds for bouquets or ornamental purposes
  • foodstuffs/fruit and vegetables
  • kale, kohlrabi
  • lettuce and chicory
  • leeches
  • maize (corn)
  • mate
  • milk and dairy produce
  • medicines
  • meat and meat products produced non-industrially
  • mushrooms or truffles
  • military and police ammunition
  • natural cork
  • objects of cultural or artistic value
  • onions, bulbs, tubers, rhizomes and chicory plants
  • potatoes, fresh or chilled
  • plants and plant products
  • precious metals and stones, and articles made thereof
  • products of the milling industry
  • parasites
  • peat
  • photocoping machines
  • radioelectronic apparatus and electrical equipment
  • rice
  • seeds
  • silkworms
  • shallots, leaks and alliaceous vegetables
  • sugar not to exceed 1kg
  • tobacco
  • tomatoes fresh or chilled
  • waste materials
  • weapons, hunting
  • wheat and wheat products
  • wood products.

Personal use items

Items for the exclusive personal use of the addressee, are admitted subject to the payment of customs duty and subject to certain items not exceeding the quantities shown:

  • audio recordings (10)
  • chocolate or other product containing cocoa (500 g)
  • coffee (1 kg)
  • computer tapes and discs (15)
  • electronic music equipment (1 of each kind)
  • jewellery (25 g)
  • perfume (50 g), eau de toilette (250 ml)
  • personal computers and peripheral equipment (1)
  • photographic and video equipment (1 of each kind)
  • radio and video machines (1 of each kind)
  • sugar (1 kg)
  • tobacco (50 g), cigarettes (50), cigars (10)
  • video recordings (5)
  • wine (2 litres).

Prohibited Items

In addition to items considered non-mailable matter, the following are prohibited:

  • any printed material urging or advocating terrorism, violence, war, racism, anti-semitism or fascism
  • aluminum and articles thereof
  • beer and alcoholic beverages
  • credit card blanks
  • credit cards
  • currency (excluding coins), securities and cheques
  • copper and articles thereof
  • devices for smoking opium or hashish
  • drug paraphemalia
  • electronic and high-frequency machines
  • foreign and national currency
  • graphite products
  • jewellery
  • knives, (except cutlery)
  • live animals
  • lead and articles thereof
  • passports are prohibited unless sent from Embassy to Embassy as a diplomatic bag
  • political material
  • perfumes and toilet water
  • printed books, publications and albums containing obscence or immoral materials
  • precious metals; pearls, diamonds
  • base metals
  • nickels and articles thereof
  • securities
  • scrap and waste from precious metals and stones
  • strategic and dual use goods; technologies and software; defence means and services; chemical and biological materials, nuclear materials and goods and technologies used in missile production.
  • textile and textile articles
  • tobacco and tobacco substitutes
  • travellers cheques
  • tin and articles thereof
  • true hemp
  • zinc and articles thereof
  • watchbands, straps and bracelets
  • weapons.

Documentation Required

Information regarding Customs can be found in "Customs Requirements" of the Canada Postal Guide.

Commercial goods mailed to Lithuania must include an invoice.

A value-added tax (VAT) will be applied to books, newspapers and periodicals.

Inherited goods require a certificate, endorsed by a consul, which confirms the right of inheritance.

Commercial invoices for dutiable goods or proof of purchase, such as; contracts, approved orders, price lists or accounting documents are required for parties participating in commercial exchange of goods.

Permits may be required when importing certain goods into Lithuania:

1. A health and quality certificate to be issued by the State of Public Health Services at the Ministry of Health Care

2. A veterinary certificate, to be issued by the State Veterinary Service

3. An inspection certificate, issued by the State Plant Quarantine Inspection of Plant Care Service

4. A hazardous or dangerous substance or product certificate, granted by the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Environment.