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(Country code: SG)

Priority™ Worldwide (Delivery Standards)   04   30   NO   $1000
Xpresspost™ – International   104   30   YES   $100
International Parcel™ (Surface)   404   30   YES   $1000
Tracked Packet - International   04   2   NO   $100
Small Packet™ (Air)   04   2   NO   N/A
Small Packet™ (Surface)   04   2   NO   N/A

Letter-post™   YES   YES   NO
Money Orders™    NO    

Maximum Coverage = Maximum Declared Value for Carriage for the Priority™ Worldwide service.

Import Restrictions

An import permit is required for many goods. Before posting any item, senders should confirm that the addressee has any necessary permit. A Goods and Services Tax of three per cent of the total of cost, insurance, freight and customs duty applies to all imported goods and merchandise. Senders should determine import restrictions from the country's authorities before posting:

  • Animal and animal products
  • drugs and medicines
  • fruits and vegetables
  • grain
  • hypodermic syringes
  • meat or meat products
  • medicines
  • newspapers, books and magazines
  • pharmaceutical
  • poisons
  • parasites and insect killers
  • plants and parts of plants
  • Telecommunications and radio equipment.


Singapore does provide a gift allowance for imported air transport goods with a value of $400 Singapore dollars or less. The goods will be subject to approval by Singapore Customs. They should be items that would normally constitute a gift. Controllable goods such as liquor, tobacco, motor vehicles, etc are not allowed gift status. Likewise, provided that Singapore Customs allows the goods gift status, no Government Sales Tax (GST) will be applied and no GST permit will be required.

Prohibited Items

In addition to items considered non-mailable matter, the following are prohibited:

  • cigarettes
  • chewing gum
  • cyclamates, sodium and calcium, items containing
  • lottery tickets and advertising
  • liquors
  • lucky charms, advertising of
  • milk, skimmed
  • postage stamps, fictitious or used
  • seditious and treasonable materials
  • tobacco and chewing tobacco
  • weapons or parts thereof.

General Prohibited Items The following items are NOT allowed to be brought into Singapore:

  • Liquors and cigarettes marked with the words "SINGAPORE DUTY NOT PAID" on the labels, cartons or packets
  • cigarettes with the prefix "E" printed on the packets
  • chewing gum
  • chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products
  • cigarette lighters of pistol or revolver shape
  • endangered species by-products
  • reproduction of copyrighted publications, video tapes, video compact discs, laser discs, records or cassettes
  • seditious and treasonable materials.

PriorityTM Worldwide service Prohibitions:

The importation of Gold (other than jewelry), Mineral Products, Communistic Materials, and Viagra.

Documentation Required

Information regarding Customs can be found in "Customs Requirements" of the Canada Postal Guide.

Commercial goods mailed to Singapore require an invoice.

Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin, (COO) is sometimes requested for verification / certification of the country of origin of certain commodities. There are many types of certificate of origin in use, in most cases where trade preference is not being requested a General Certificate of Origin is used. For qualifying shipments to ASEAN countries the Form D ASEAN Certificate of Origin should be used in order to qualify for trade preference (less or zero duty based on commodity shipped.

Regardless of the type of certificate of origin used, it must be certified by a recognized chamber of commerce, which usually requires one additional notarized copy for its files.

Commercial Invoice

Commercial Invoices - Invoices are required for all shipments non-document commercial goods regardless of the value. Invoices should show freight, insurance and similar charges as separate items when applicable, regardless of the INCOTERM used on the transaction.

Customs Declaration

To speed up delivery, senders should complete a Customs Declaration which includes the following information:

  • full name and address of sender and addressee
  • residential, office or mobile telephone number (if available)
  • fax number or email address (if available)
  • full description of item's contents
  • currency of the declared value.