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(Country code: SK)

Priority™ Worldwide (Delivery Standards)   03   30   NO   $1000
Xpresspost™ – International   103   30   YES   $1000
International Parcel™ (Surface)   403   30   YES   $1000
Small Packet™ (Air)   03   2   NO   N/A
Small Packet™ (Surface)   03   2   NO   N/A
CUSTOMS DECLARATION LANGUAGE English, French, Czech, Slovak, Russian, German

Letter-post™   YES   YES   NO
Money Orders™    NO    

Maximum Coverage = Maximum Declared Value for Carriage for the Priority™ Worldwide service.

Import Restrictions

  • animal fats and oils
  • animal skins
  • base metals and articles
  • christmas trees
  • coffee
  • cereals
  • ceramic
  • clocks and watches
  • cocoa powder and chocolate
  • cigars and cigarillos
  • dairy produce
  • edible fruit and nuts
  • fish
  • fur skins (heads, tails, paws)
  • fertilizers
  • green and black tea
  • glassware
  • inorganic chemicals
  • live animals
  • meat of poultry, rabbits, frogs, pigeons, whales, sharks, reindeer and quails
  • mineral products
  • organic, inorganic compounds
  • pharmaceutical products
  • products of animal origin (horsehair, feathers, bristles of animals)
  • preparations of cereals, flour, starch
  • parts of plants, plant products
  • preparations of meat
  • plastics and rubbers and articles thereof
  • spices
  • sugar
  • spirits with alcohol content of less than 80%
  • textile and textile articles
  • un-manufactured tobacco
  • vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots)
  • wood and articles of wood.

Customs decide the value of an article based on the internal price of similar articles. Articles to a value of 300 crowns are exempt from customs duty.


Gifts not exceeding 5000 crowns for the personal use of the addressee or family do not require an import permit. If the gift exceeds 2000 crowns, the addressee must provide a gift certificate authenticated by an authorized agent.


Senders should ascertain import restrictions from the addressee before sending postage stamps. Gifts of philatelic articles are restricted to 3 per year and the shipment must not exceed 100 stamps and 100 crowns in value. Philatelic articles to philatelists must not exceed 1000 crowns in any year.

Used clothing

Used clothing, underwear and footwear is admitted only in the following conditions:

  • persons emigrating for a lengthy period or for professional reasons
  • inherited or bequeathed clothing
  • personal clothing of travellers that accords with the duration and purpose of their journey.

Senders should state the relevant condition on the customs declaration.

Books, records, tapes and films

Postal articles containing books, printed publications, gramophone records, recording tape or cinefilms must not contain other goods.

Relevant inspecting authorities include:

  • Ministry of Economy
  • State Veterinary and Food Administration of Slovakia
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Ministry of Interior

Personal exemptions for import:

  • total value of imported goods must be less than 300
  • cigarettes 40 pcs
  • still wine 4L
  • small cigars 20 pcs
  • beer 16L
  • cigars 10 pcs
  • perfume and eau de toilette
  • tobacco for smoking 50g
  • coffee 500g
  • spirits (not exceeding 22%) 2L
  • tea 100g
  • spirits (between 22% and 80%) 1L
  • mineral oil.

Prohibited Items

In addition to items considered non-mailable matter, the following are prohibited:

  • alcohol
  • chain letters
  • chicory roots
  • electrical appliances
  • hosiery
  • lottery tickets
  • live trees
  • precious metals
  • reproductions of bank notes or designs resembling them
  • saccharine
  • shoes
  • stocks, non-negotiable
  • toys.

Documentation Required

Information regarding Customs can be found in "Customs Requirements" of the Canada Postal Guide.

Attach all invoices to the customs declaration.

The following documents may be required:

1. Commercial Invoice

2. Licence or Import Authorization

3. Certificate.

Certificates are required for goods that are subject to prohibitions and restrictions. Licenses are required for special types of goods (weapons, passports).