Government Mail Free of Postage

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Effective: 2021-01-11


What is Government Mail Free of Postage?

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Government Mail Free of Postage allows for mail to be sent to and from the following individuals free of postage provided that both the sender and receiver are in Canada:

  • the Governor General
  • the Speaker or Clerk of the Senate or House of Commons
  • the Parliamentary Librarian or the Associate Parliamentary Librarian
  • Members of the Senate
  • Members of the House of Commons (see section 2.1 Parliamentary mailings using Neighbourhood Mail™)
  • the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner or Senate Ethics Officer
  • the Director of the Parliamentary Protective Service
  • the Parliamentary Budget Officer.


Address your item

Standardized addressing helps ensure that mail is consistently delivered on time, the first time, every time. When addressing your mail item with a return address, we recommend that it is located on the front of the mail item in the upper left corner.

Visit Addressing Guidelines of the Canada Postal Guide at or the Letter mail Regulations at:


Included Services

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Government Mail Free of Postage may be sent using only the following services:

  • Lettermail™
  • Incentive Lettermail™
  • Personalized Mail™ (up to 500 g) including Dimensional
  • Publications Mail™
  • Neighbourhood Mail™ (printed matter only).


Parliamentary mailings using Neighbourhood Mail™

Members of the House of Commons may only send Parliamentary Mailings using Neighbourhood Mail (Government Mail Free of Postage) to constituents up to a maximum of four times each calendar year. These mailings must consist of printed matter only. Members of the House of Commons are entitled to Parliamentary Neighbourhood Mail beginning on the day that their election to the House is announced in the Canada Gazette and up to 10 days after they leave office. All mailings must be mailed in Ottawa through the House of Commons Post Office. Additional mailings, after the first four mailings, are subject to the applicable price. Contact a Canada Post Representative for further details and requirements.


Excluded Services

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When sending Government Mail Free of Postage, payment is required at the applicable prices for the following services:

  • Postal Code Targeting
  • Parcel Services
  • Registered Mail™
  • Liability Coverage.

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