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Effective: 2021-01-11


What Is Hold Mail?

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Hold Mail offers customers who are away from home or business the peace of mind of knowing that their important mail is stored in a secure Canada Post location to keep it safe and prevent it from piling up in their mailbox.


Pricing Information

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To obtain information on pricing see Canada Post Prices.


Payment Options

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Acceptable proofs of payment and methods of payment. Some restrictions or conditions may apply.

Proofs of Payment
Automated Post Office
Non-Automated Post Office
  • Email confirmation
  • Customer receipt
  • Postage stamps
  • Printed online transaction receipt
  • Service summary
  • Meter Impressions
Methods of Payment
Business Customer
Consumer Customer
  • business cheque/certified cheque
  • cash
  • credit card (where available)
  • debit card (where available)
  • money order
  • cash
  • business cheque/certified cheque (conditions apply)
  • credit card (where available)
  • debit card (where available)
  • money order
If the Hold Mail service is purchased via the Internet, payment must be made by credit card.


Request to Hold Mail Form

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The service is available for purchase:

  • online at canadapost.ca/holdmail (except if the request is subject to dispute regarding the receipt of mail)
  • or at any post office.
When purchasing the service at a post office, the customer must provide current, valid, original government-issued photo identification (e.g.: driver’s license, passport, permanent resident card). If the personal identification does not have the applicable address, additional identification/documentation is required.


Service Features

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Service duration

The service is available for various periods of time depending on the type of customer:

Minimum fee
10 weekdays* (two weeks)
5 weekdays* (one week)
Hold Mail service can be requested for a shorter period of time or renewed indefinitely, provided the renewal is requested before the expiry date of the service.
“weekdays” include Statutory Holidays.

The renewal fee will be based on the current service fee at the time of renewal. To discontinue Hold Mail service related communications, canadapost.ca/holdmail-optout.


Mail recipients

All mail recipients must share the same original address. Applicable proof of authority to act on behalf of another may be required.


  • Purchased Online - can include up to eight individual names. The first four individual names are included in the base fee; and up to four additional names may be purchased, for a nominal fee.
  • Purchased at a Post Office - can include up to four individual names. A second service must be purchased for more than four individual names.


  • Can include a maximum of two business names and six individual names. The first two individual names are included in the base fee; and up to four additional names may be purchased, for a nominal fee. All mail recipients must share the same original and forwarding addresses.

Canada Post reserves the right to change the service option to “some residents” or cancel the service should mail delivery be impeded for other mail recipients at the address.


Acceptable Identification Requirements

Appropriate identification is required to prevent identity theft and other improper use of the service. A government-issued photo ID document must be presented by the requester in order to purchase the service.

Examples of acceptable government-issued photo ID are:

  • Driver's license (Canadian/Foreign)
  • Passport (Canadian/Foreign)
  • Permanent Resident Card.

A legal document demonstrating the authority to act on behalf of a third party is required for the following:

  • a business or organisation
  • another person (living at a different address then the requestor’s).


Self-serve portal

If an email address is provided at the time of purchase, customers will receive an automated email confirmation shortly after their purchase that will include the service details and a reference number. Customers can use their reference number to extend or make changes to their Hold Mail service.


Changes and cancellation

Customers can extend, modify* or cancel the service, online at canadapost.ca/signin (when an email address is provided at time of purchase) or at any post office by presenting the original receipt, an acceptable government-issued photo identification (i.e., driver’s licence, passport) and if applicable, proof of authorization.

No refund is provided when the service is cancelled after the start date.

When the Hold Mail service expires or is cancelled, normal mail delivery resumes and the held mail is delivered to the customer’s address. If the volume of held mail is too great to be placed in the mail receptacle, a Delivery Notice card is left and the customer is required to pick up the mail at the post office.

Early Return: During the Hold Mail period, mail pickup is not available at any Canada Post location. To resume mail delivery to your address before the Hold Mail service expires, you must cancel the service.

The address cannot be changed after the service has started.



A Hold Mail request cannot be accepted if the customer receives mail through, or in care of an institution such as a: When conflicting instructions are received with regard to a specific address or customer (for example, in the instance of a dissolved marriage, business or cohabitation), a court order or a signed, written agreement bearing the signature of all the involved parties is required. The agreement or court order must specify delivery instructions for individually addressed items and for jointly addressed items.


  • business
  • hotel
  • motel
  • rooming house
  • nursing home
  • hospital
  • school or similar institution
  • through a privately managed postal box
  • customer who shares a postal address (where several businesses share a common postal address)

The “all residents” service option is not available for customers receiving mail through a rural route address (i.e., an address that contains the R.R. indicator, followed by a number).

Parcels (e.g., Priority™, Xpresspost™, Expedited Parcel™ and Regular Parcel™) may be delivered and/or carded during the “Hold” period. Customers expecting any parcel deliveries should advise the senders to delay shipping until their return.


Right of refusal

Canada Post reserves the right to refuse to hold mail and to end the arrangement at any time.


Privacy Act

The use of customer information gathered by Canada Post is governed by the Privacy Act. Visit canadapost.ca/privacy for details on personal information protection.



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General enquiries concerning the Hold Mail service should be directed to Customer Service at canadapost.ca/support or by phone at 1‑800‑267‑1177.



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The request must be supported by a Hold Mail form that includes a legible and complete address with the correct Postal Code. See Addressing Guidelines for more information.



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