International Reply Coupon

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Effective: 2021-01-11


What Is An International Reply Coupon?

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International Reply Coupons are coupons that may be purchased in participating member countries of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). They may be sent in a letter or parcel to be exchanged by a recipient in any member country of the UPU.

The recipient can exchange one coupon for postage stamps, and if not precluded by the internal legislation of the country of exchange, for postal stationery or postal prepayment marks or impressions representing the minimum postage prepayable on an international unregistered airmail letter.

The following restrictions apply to the exchange of International Reply Coupons from other postal administrations in Canada:

  • when exchanging the International Reply Coupon(s) for postage, Canada Post reserves the right to ask the customer to immediately affix the postage directly on the item(s) to be mailed
  • International Reply Coupons may not be redeemed for cash
  • International Reply Coupons cannot be used for remittance purposes
  • no more than 100 International Reply Coupons may be presented by a customer at a post office in one day (limit may vary per post office)
  • if the item weighs more than a standard letter or additional services are required (i.e. Registered), the difference must be paid by the sender
  • if the sender asks for a commemorative stamp or stamps on which a supplement is payable in exchange for an International Reply Coupon, the sender will have to pay the supplement
  • Customers must provide Canada Post with an opportunity to determine if the coupon is valid. No credit shall be given for forged or counterfeit coupons.

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