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Effective: 2021-01-11


What is Personalized Mail™

Personalized Mail targets an address and/or individual.

The intent is to motivate an individual to take action by:

  • promoting a product, service, program or event;
  • soliciting donations or contributions;
  • reporting on financial performance, primarily for promotional purposes;
  • supporting your loyalty card program (excludes credit and/or debit cards with or without reward points).

To qualify as Personalized Mail service, mailings must:

  • be deposited and paid for in Canada for delivery in Canada
  • meet the Personalized Mail definition
  • consist of a minimum of 100 items for Machineable Mail or 1,000 items for Special Handling mail.


Postal Code Targeting

Postal Code Targeting targets a defined postal code area.

It helps to identify and reach postal codes that match the profile of your ideal prospects, so you can expand into new markets, target look-alike audiences, reach specific communities and optimize your targeting by suppressing existing audiences to focus on acquisition.

To qualify as Postal Code Targeting service, mailings must:

  • be deposited and paid for in Canada for delivery in Canada
  • consist of a minimum of 100 items for Standard Machineable mail
  • have a unique 2D barcode on each item
  • have three quiet zones (cpc print zone, postage and on back of the item)
  • be mailed through your mail service provider.


Neighbourhood Mail™

Neighbourhood Mail targets a neighbourhood.

Items consists of printed and non-printed matter such as product samples. The service provides the delivery of information and/or advertising material.

Multiple formats are acceptable. Some examples are:

  • catalogues
  • community newspapers
  • co-op mailings
  • flyers
  • samples.

To qualify as Neighbourhood Mail service, mailings must:

  • be mailed in Canada for delivery in Canada
  • meet the minimum volume requirements:
  • the complete distribution of one route; or
  • the complete distribution to only houses, apartments, farms, businesses, or any combination, on a given route.


Where to find more information

Smartmail Marketing Customer Guide highlights a new approach to direct mail that uses its most powerful attributes to amplify the impact of marketing when using Personalized Mail, Postal Code Targeting or Neighbourhood Mail (see


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