Mail Forwarding Service

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Effective: 2021-01-11


What Is a Mail Forwarding service?

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The Mail Forwarding service ensures that mail is delivered to a new or temporary address anywhere in Canada or the world when a business or residential customer moves, relocates, or wants the service for another reason. The service can be purchased online or at a post office.

There are two Mail Forwarding service types that are available:

  • Customers not returning to the old address must buy the Mail Forwarding for Moves. Mail delivery resumes to the old address upon service expiry. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify correspondents of the new mailing address.

If the service is for a deceased person, Mail Forwarding for Moves must be purchased.

  • Customers who are returning to the old address, or who wish to forward mail for another reason, must buy the Mail Forwarding for Temporary Relocation (e.g.: Canadian residents wintering outside of the country).

There are two Mail Forwarding service fee types:

  • Residential fee: applies to one or more individuals, such as, but not limited to a family, using an address as a place of residence only.
  • Business fee: applies to an enterprise of any sort, whether commercial, industrial, professional, social, artistic or altruistic, whether for profit or not, as distinguished from one or more individuals, such as but not limited to a family using an address as a place of residence only.


Pricing Information

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When forwarding mail addressed to individuals, residential prices apply. Business prices apply when a business name is included. To obtain information on pricing, see Canada Post Prices.

Additional fees may apply for businesses identified as receiving high volumes of mail. Contact Customer Service for more information at 1‑800‑267‑1177.


Payment Options

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Acceptable proofs of payment and methods of payment. Some restrictions or conditions may apply

Proofs of Payment
Automated Post Office
Non-Automated Post Office
  • Email confirmation
  • Customer receipt
  • Postage stamps
  • Printed online transaction receipt
  • Service summary
  • Meter Impressions
Methods of Payment
Business Customer
Consumer Customer
  • business cheque/certified cheque
  • cash
  • credit card (where available)
  • debit card (where available)
  • money order
  • cash
  • business cheque/certified cheque (conditions apply)
  • credit card (where available)
  • debit card (where available)
  • money order
Customers purchasing the Mail Forwarding service online must pay by credit card.


Delivery Standards at a Glance

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Delivery standards are estimates of how long it will take for the mail to be delivered. These delivery standards are not guaranteed.

The delivery standard for forwarded mail can be calculated by adding the delivery standard of the postal service initially used and the delivery standard from the old address to the new address, plus one day.


How to Purchase a Mail Forwarding service

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The service is available for purchase:

When purchasing the service online, the customer’s identity is validated through an authentication process using the customers’ credit card information. If the customer’s identity cannot be validated, the customer still has the option to purchase the service online. Their identify will be verified at a post office by using government-issued customer identification.


Service Features

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Service duration

The Mail Forwarding for Moves service is offered for periods of:

  • 12 months (recommended): The 12-month service option offers greater value and ensures movers won't miss annual or infrequent mailings, such as tax documents, car license sticker renewals, financial statements and membership/club renewals.
  • 4 months: The service period is an economical option that provides short-term protection against mail being delivered to the old address, which can be extended, if necessary.

Before the service expires, customers will have the option to extend for an additional four or 12 months.

The Mail Forwarding for Temporary Relocation / Other service is offered for any duration. While the minimum price for Mail Forwarding for temporary residential service is based on a three month period, the minimum price for temporary business service is based on a period of one month. Customers can extend the service before the expiry date for as long as needed. If the original service purchased was for less than three months and the customer subsequently wishes to renew the service for any period of time, the price of the extension will be calculated based on the period in excess of three months.


Mail recipients

All mail recipients must share the same original and forwarding addresses.


  • Purchased Online - can include up to eight individual names. The first four individual names are included in the base fee; and up to four additional names may be purchased, for a nominal fee.
  • Purchased at a Post Office - can include up to four individual names. Up to four additional names, beyond the initial four, may be added online, for a nominal fee.


  • Purchased Online - can include a maximum of two business names and six individual names. The first two individual names are included in the base fee; and up to four additional names may be included, for a nominal fee.
  • Purchased at a Post Office - can include a maximum of two business names and two individual names. Up to four individual names, beyond the initial two, may be added online, for a nominal fee.
Higher fees will apply for businesses identified as receiving high volumes of mail (Large Volume Receivers). Contact Customer Service for more information at 1‑800‑267‑1177.


Acceptable Identification Requirements

Appropriate identification is required to prevent identity theft and other improper use of the service. A government-issued photo ID document must be presented by the requester in order to purchase the service.

Examples of acceptable government-issued photo ID are:

  • Driver's license (Canadian/Foreign)
  • Passport (Canadian/Foreign)
  • Permanent Resident Card.
Additional Identification Requirements

A legal document demonstrating the authority to act on behalf of a third party is required for the following:

  • a business or organization
  • another person (living at a different address then the requestor’s).
Additional Identification Requirements for a Deceased Person

In some provinces, the name(s) of the legal representative of a deceased person appears on the death certificate. If this is the case, the death certificate would be the only document needed to serve as proof of appointment.

To forward mail on behalf of a deceased person, an executor, administrator or an appointed next of kin must provide one of the following documents:

  • death certificate (issued by the applicable government Vital Statistics office),
  • a medical examiner’s certificate,
  • a funeral director’s certificate,
  • a cremation certificate or other certificate of comparable authority (such as in the case of a death outside the country).


  • proof of appointment* as the legal representative or a satisfactory indemnity, by providing one of the following documents:
  • Grant of Letters Probate; or
  • Letters of Administration (with or without the Will attached); or
  • Certificate of Appointment of the estate liquidator or certified statement of the liquidator (known as “État certifié des droits du Liquidateur” in the province of Québec); or
  • Canada Post Statutory Declaration form (40-076-696) regarding Proof of Authority.
In the event the death certificate names the requester as an executor, or legal representative, a proof of appointment is no required.


Forwarded items

If a valid Mail Forwarding service is in place, all mail will be redirected to the forwarding address indicated on the request.

Mail NOT forwarded as part of this service include:

  • Neighbourhood Mail™
  • Dimensional Personalized Mail™
  • Lettermail™ items bearing a “Do Not Forward” endorsement
  • Personalized Mail™ bearing the name of the addressee followed by the words “Or Occupant” or similar
  • Postal Code Targeting
  • Parcels (e.g., Priority™, Xpresspost™, Xpressport Certified™, Expedited Parcel™ and Regular Parcel™)
  • Prepaid envelopes
  • Registered Mail™ to forwarding addresses outside of Canada.

Customers must ensure to advise senders of their new address, should they expect any such deliveries.


Special offers

As part of the Mail Forwarding service, Canada Post may send customers special offers with relevant products and services, on its behalf or that of other organizations. Customers' personal information is not disclosed to these organizations.

To opt-out of Special offers - visit


Self-Serve portal

When an email address is provided at the time of purchase, customers have access to a convenient online portal where they can sign-in to extend or make changes to their service.


Mover Data Service

When you buy a Mail Forwarding for Moves service, with your permission, Canada Post will share your updated address information with companies who have an existing relationship with you and who are subscribed to our National Change of Address (NCOA™) Mover Data Service.


Changes and cancellation

Customers can extend, modify* or cancel the service, online at (when an email address is provided at time of purchase) or at any post office by presenting the original receipt.

No refund is provided when the service is cancelled after the start date.

The original and destination addresses cannot be changed after the service has started. A new service must be purchased to forward mail to an address different than the one indicated on the original request. Canada Post reserves the right to not forward mail and end the service at any time.

Some exceptions apply (e.g., original and destination addresses after the start date).


Forwarding mail from a postal box

The Mail Forwarding for Moves service applies if the agreement to use a box has expired; the service maximum duration is twelve months.

The Mail Forwarding for Temporary Relocation service applies when the customer is still the owner of the box.


Consumers’ Choice

Customers who wish to continue being part of the Consumers’ Choice Program at their new address should place a “do not wish to receive Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™” note in or on your mailbox, or on the inside lip of your community mailbox, group mailbox or postal box.


Destination Address

Mail can be forwarded from any Canadian address to any other address in Canada, the U.S.A. and most international destinations (dutiable items excluded).



Mail addressed to customers who receive mail through a shared postal address cannot be forwarded. This includes:

  • individuals receiving mail through an institution such as a business, hotel, motel, rooming house, nursing home, hospital or school
  • businesses with a common postal address
  • mail received through privately administered mailboxes.

In cases of dissolved partnerships, marriages etc., if there is a dispute over who should receive the mail, a joint written agreement, signed by both parties, will be required.


No Liability

Canada Post and its agents (including, but not limited to authorized dealers) shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, general, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected to the Agreement between the customer and Canada Post regardless of whether such damages are based on contract or tort.


Privacy Act

The use of customer information gathered by Canada Post is governed by the Privacy Act. Visit for details on personal information protection.

Customers have a right to access all of their personal information collected by Canada Post for the purpose of delivering the Mail Forwarding service and to request that any inaccurate or missing information be corrected.


Change of Address Announcement Cards

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The two types of Announcement Cards are as follows:

  • Complimentary Move Announcement Cards are offered to customers at post offices to notify correspondents of a new address. However, the customer must apply the applicable postage.
  • Notice of New Address for Municipality-initiated and for Canada Post-initiated changes (i.e. street name change, street number change, conversion from rural route addressing to civic addressing). Canada Post will provide 12 months of free mail forwarding service and a limited quantity of postage-paid courtesy cards - Notice of New Address (33-086-450). These cards can be obtain at the post office.



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General enquiries concerning the Mail Forwarding service should be directed to Customer Service at or by phone at 1‑800‑267‑1177.



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A complete and valid address and postal code information are required as part of this service. See Addressing Guidelines for more information.



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