We connect you to Canadian households on the move, across town or across the country.

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Four ways to advertise that help you connect with more than 1 million households on the move.

What is smartmoves?

smartmoves is a unique, targeted and effective advertising and direct-mail program that lets you promote your products and services to more than one million Canadian movers when they are most likely to respond.

By using Canada Post's Change of Address data, smartmoves reaches Canadian movers throughout the entire move cycle.

smartmoves offers four effective multi-channel ways to target movers, use one or combine them all to create a highly effective mover campaign.

  • smartmoves Magazine On-Page Advertising
  • Outsert Program
  • Web Advertising
  • smartmoves Direct – Direct Mail Program

Why use smartmoves to reach customers on the move?

Movers are a high value group - Canadian households on the move represent the single-largest opportunity for advertisers to reach customers in a buying mindset. Moving households spend more than $11 billion on moving-related products and services during a 12-month period.1

Canada's highest quality mover data – By leveraging Canada Post’s Change of Address data, smartmoves provides the most accurate, timely and comprehensive database of Canadian movers in the country.

Unique multi-channel solution – Our targeted delivery methods (i.e. web, print, outserts, and smartmoves Direct) combined with our connections to more than 70 per cent of moving households2, give you unparalleled reach and exceptional opportunities.

Access Canadian movers throughout their move cyclesmartmoves provides access to movers during and up to 18 months after a move, allowing you to target your offering at a time that works best for your product or service.

1 Mover Behaviour in Canada, Study 06-15, July 2007.
2 Smartmoves Post-Media Campaign Research Study 06-13, December 2006.

smartmoves™ is a trademark of Canada Post Corporation

smartmoves program options

smartmoves Magazine: Produced three times per year – The Guide for Your New Home boasts an annual circulation of more that 1 million copies and an average weekly national distribution of 20,000. The magazine is personalized and delivered to new addresses of all residential Change of Address registrants two to three weeks after their move.

Outsert Program: A targeted weekly distribution of outserts polybagged with the smartmoves magazine. This program offers national, regional, and major urban market opportunities right down to the FSA level. The Change of Address section offers exclusive advertising opportunities to reach authenticated movers – before and after moving day.

Advertising includes:

  • Leaderboard banner rotations on all landing pages
  • Your business logo on the Change of Address Special Offers page
  • And a customized page to promote your brand and messaging to movers

smartmoves Direct: Ability to connect with smartmoves magazine recipients on a 1:1 basis through a co-branded full-service program up to 18 months after their move.

smartmoves Direct comprises of everything you need to reach movers including:

  • A co-branded package (your company and Canada Post/smartmoves) personalized with the mover’s name and address
  • A letter customized with your text and logo, accompanied with an introduction from the CPC smartmoves team
  • The ability to have a supplied promotional piece inserted in the envelope.

Pieces can be targeted to the Postal CodeOM level at several different geographic or dwelling types or by using Canada Post's Advanced Targeting Solutions. Available exclusively to those involved in the smartmoves program.

smartmoves™ is a trademark of Canada Post Corporation

Rates & Prices

smartmoves is an effective and affordable way to contact movers as broad as across the country, down to your province, city and even your neighbourhood.

Complete Web and Print advertising bundles available from as low as $70,000 a year (less than 7 cents per mover for Web and Print advertising).

The Outsert Program can be conducted for as little as $0.15 per piece on a national level. Sortation fees apply for outserts that are sent to smaller areas.

The smartmoves Direct program can start for less than $1 a piece to include all of the following services: envelope, customized letter, insertion of provided marketing material, fulfilment and postage.

For customized pricing please request a quote by contacting our authorized sales agent or through your Canada Post sales representative.

smartmoves™ is a trademark of Canada Post Corporation

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