Code Samples for Non-Contract Shipping:  REST  |  SOAP

Non-Contract Shipping

For Canada Post general business or VentureOne™ customers

i Use Non-Contract Shipping if you are a Solutions for Small Business™ customer. If you are a commercial customer with a parcel agreement, to ensure you receive your discounted rates, use our Contract Shipping Services.


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For essential information common to all our web services, read the Fundamentals of Canada Post Web Services:  REST  |  SOAP

Service Summary

For Solutions for Small Business customers, use non-contract shipping services to create, manage and process shipments—including labeling and inducting parcels for delivery. No manifests are required.

Non-Contract Shipping workflow and key services are shown below.

Non-Contract Shipping Workflow

i Conduct your testing in the development environment. You will be billed for any shipments you submit through a
Create Non-Contract Shipment call in the production environment.

Non-Contract Shipping is provided through the following calls.

  1. Create Non-Contract Shipment
    REST   |    SOAP
    Used to generate and pay for a shipping label, including validation and payment authorization.
  2. Get Artifact
    REST   |    SOAP
    Used to retrieve a pdf of the shipping label created by a prior Create Non-Contract Shipment call.
  3. Get Non-Contract Shipment Receipt
    REST   |    SOAP
    Used to retrieve XML details regarding the shipment paid for in the Create Non-Contract Shipment call.
  4. Get Non-Contract Shipment Details
    REST   |    SOAP
    Used to retrieve XML details about the shipping label, including system-generated values such as the tracking number and final shipping point.
  5. Get Non-Contract Shipments
    REST   |    SOAP
    This call invokes a search for previously created shipments. It is used to recover from communication failures or hardcopy print failures.
  6. Get Non-Contract Shipment
    REST   |    SOAP
    Used to retrieve the label and receipt information for a previously created shipment. Typically used after a
    Get Non-Contract Shipments call.
  7. Request Non-Contract Shipment Refund
    REST   |    SOAP
    Used to request a refund for a shipment /label that you created in error. You can only request a refund for a shipment that has not been sent and has no scan events associated with the label.