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    Monique Mercure

    Known for her fiery spirit and intensely powerful performances, Monique Mercure, C.C. (1930-2020), was one of Canada’s most admired and acclaimed francophone actresses. The stamp illustration, based on a photo from the early days of her career, captures the magnetism of Quebec’s grande dame of stage and screen and her arrestingly expressive eyes.

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    A fresh take on an age-old tradition, this new Hanukkah stamp conveys the joyful spirit of the Jewish Festival of Lights through a fun, flamboyant interpretation of the flames on a hanukkiyah (a special eight-branched menorah). This year, the celebration takes place from nightfall December 18 to nightfall December 26.

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    Christmas Star

    One of the most ubiquitous symbols of the Christmas season is the star, inspired by the bright body in the heavens that led the Magi to the infant Jesus. According to the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 2, verse 9, “After they had heard the king, they went on their way, and the star they had seen when it rose went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was.”

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    Holiday Birds

    As we move into winter, we count on the cheerful colours of the holidays to bring light into the darkness. In this year’s holiday issue, with stamps in three denominations, you’ll find three birds that remain with us through the long winter months. Their brilliant colours and visits to backyard feeders brighten the season, and like other birds and animals, they can bring us meaningful messages, which vary by culture or tradition.

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    Tommy Prince, 1915-1977

    Born on St. Peter’s Reserve, Manitoba, into the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation, Sergeant Thomas (Tommy) George Prince, MM (1915-77), was one of Canada’s most decorated Indigenous non-­commissioned officers and war veterans, and a prominent Anishinaabe activist.

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    Canadians in Flight

    Ready for take-off on its return trip, the second edition of Canadians in Flight once again celebrates the people, planes and technologies that have allowed Canada’s reputation for innovation to soar. Since the early days of flight, Canadians have made global advances in the fields of aviation and aeronautics, with some contributions remaining the foundation for ongoing advancement in these fields.

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    Two luminous traditions central to the celebration of the triumph of light over darkness are artfully married in the design of this year’s stamp marking the arrival of Diwali. An important holiday observed by many Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs and others, the festival takes place this year on October 24.

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    Truth and Reconciliation

    Released on the day prior to September 30, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, this stamp issue is the first in a series showcasing the visions of Inuit, Métis and First Nations artists for the future of truth and reconciliation, with the hope of encouraging awareness of and reflection on the effects of colonization on Indigenous Peoples and the work of the truth and reconciliation process.

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    Canada Post Community Foundation

    Once again, Canada Post invites Canadians to contribute to programs for children and youth through this year’s 11th Canada Post Community Foundation semi-postal fundraising stamp.

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    The Summit Series, 1972

    Where were you on Thursday, September 28, 1972? If like many Canadians, you were glued to a television or radio in your home, office or school – and lent your voice to a cheer that reverberated around the country when Team Canada defeated the Soviet national hockey team in Game 8 of the famed hockey series, breaking the tie score in the final moments of the third period.

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